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5 Creative And Unique Patio Ideas For This Summer

White Dahlia Design

Warm weather is on its way and it’s time to start utilizing our patios, terraces, and backyards to their full potential! You’ve got your own little slice of the great outdoors to customize exactly how you’d like so why not make it beautiful?. You may require some extra decorating and landscaping to make your outdoor space feel like an extra special place to unwind but, we got you!

This week we want to share a few ideas on creative and unique ways to spruce your outdoor space, so we’re here to help make that happen. Let’s get started!

1. Choose a style that’s an extension of your indoor space

How you decorate your outdoor space should reflect your interior style and lifestyle. You can start by creating a color scheme you like and build from there, adding a personal touch with decor and accessories that show off your personality. There are plenty of great color palettes to choose from, like the warm and neutral tones by Sherwin Williams or the beautiful seasonal palettes by Benjamin Moore.

Space Wise

And if your interior is a colorful, eclectic mix of styles? Then you can use a warm color palette that’s reminiscent of the ’70s and throw in a patterned rug & throw pillow to give the space a subtle Mediterranean vibe. It’s a perfect blend of quirky, stylish, and soothing elements! If on the other hand, you lean towards minimalism, then create a similar look for your outdoor space with a simple and modern outdoor table and chairs set and add some neutral and chic cushions and greenery and you’re good to go.

2. Create your own sanctuary

The Spruce

We all need a little piece of heaven and why not have one in your outdoor space? Come summer, you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, so it’s important to design a space with comfort in mind. You can create your own retreat to reflect and relax! From treating yourself to a yoga or meditation session to laying down and reading a good book, or even practicing your favorite activity like gardening or painting! Be sure to add your personal touch to the space to make it as comfortable and calming as you can for you to enjoy. Explore here The 3 Patio Decor Must-Haves to Master Your Outdoor Retreat.

3. Create a space to share

Design by White Dahlia Design

Love having friends and family over? Give your balcony the host’s touch with plenty of seating. The summer weather brings a wide variety of fun activities to do with family and friends and what better space to enjoy some company than your stylish outdoor corner? Play games, watch a movie and sit by the fire. Having functional seating, plenty of storage and a proper space layout is a must! We used all of these principles when creating this amazing design (video above) for a condo unit with plenty of space to join a few drinks, have a BBQ, or sit and relax.


If you enjoy your outdoor space at night, then you can have your own outdoor home theatre to enjoy with friends and family! Start by adding a screen (these are available as built-in or portable), a movie projector, and a comfy welcoming seating setting. We always suggest having different seating options for both kids and adults so you can have a combination of chairs, bean bags, and floor pillows. To finish it up, add some throw blankets, lanterns, or string lights, and the most important part, a snacks station which can be a cart or a variety of floor trays.

During the day, your outdoor home theater can also serve as a space for picnics or space for the kids, and a space to mingle. Maybe a pass-through window bar to complement? The sky is the limit. Learn how to Transform Your Outdoor Space: Tips & Essentials here.

4. Add some spark!


Lighting creates ambiance and it’s one of the most important elements of design, both indoor and outdoor. When it comes to balcony lighting ideas, could there possibly be a more popular one than string lights? They’re absolutely everywhere, and for good reason! With rows upon rows of twinkling lights, your outdoor space will look sharp any time of day!

You can also add chic lanterns or candles for your coffee table, fairy lights, and even LED faux trees for a unique source of light. Another great way to add some ambiance is a firepit, a classic element that creates a sense of togetherness and intimacy and is a great romantic addition to your outdoor space as it brings people together. To learn more on Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Furniture for Cozy Fires click here!

5. Dress it up!

We can’t say this enough: Accessories will make your space look finished! Décor is a great way to tight it all together and elevate your furniture and overall vibe. Bring accent pieces such as plants, accessories, and décor to help create a warmer more intimate space.

Don’t forget you can also hang pieces! If you have a tree or two to spare, then take full advantage of them! You can have rope swings, hammocks, pendant lights, and decor. Is fun for both kids and adults, and is space-saving.

Everything Zoomer

Think to throw blankets and accent pillows to bring some softness to the space, a few table décor pieces, beautiful rugs to add texture, and dinnerware. An additional element you can take advantage of are pergolas, which can also be used to hang outdoor curtains to add a softer look, shade, and privacy.

Design by White Dahlia Design

This is a great example of a recent project we did for a condo balcony. Our client wanted a beautiful yet functional layout and design so we brought the pieces together for her and this was the result! A beautiful space to enjoy in her condo in the city with an amazing view of Lake Ontario. Some of the key design elements were greenery, lounge furniture, and a timeless style that would still be relevant in years to come.

Shop the look

With all of us spending more time at home than ever, our outdoor spaces are about to be in the spotlight. Spend some time to make your balcony or patio the perfect cozy spot for you to relax! If you want to learn more about ideas for your outdoor space, we invite you to read our previous post on Planning for the Patio Season Ahead here.

We hope you enjoyed our take on the patio ideas for the summer. Our team is here for you if you are in need of design help! If any of these design directions piqued your interest and you are in need of some guidance to incorporate some of the elements we mentioned, feel free to visit our website and explore the packages we offer. We’d be honored to help you with your design vision!

Cheers to a great outdoor season!

White Dahlia Design Team



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