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Planning for the Patio Season Ahead

Sunshine! BBQ! Outdoors!

Patio season is almost upon us! After a long winter, we all need to head out there and embrace our outdoor patio decks, backyards, and balconies. While we look forward to warmer temperatures, it's time to get our patio design checklists in hand!


While access to restaurant patios and outdoor cafes is limited, you can create your own patio experience at home. You will need to dust off those outdoor cushions, spark up the BBQ, hang the patio lights and work on the landscaping. Today, we are sharing with you some tips and ideas for making the most of your exterior space and elevating your patio or balcony experience.

Start With Spring Cleaning & Fixer-Uppers


Your deck or balcony is most likely covered in dirt and grime, so start by cleaning it up with a good wash. Once everything is clean and dry, start rearranging the area. If you feel like a change, plan your purchases ahead of time since seasonal furniture sells out fast!

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This is also a good time to make some repairs to your gates and gazebos. Most wooden gazebos made from cedar and redwood can usually make it through the winter without any issues. However, to ensure that they last longer, here are a few tips. Clear all fallen leaves and rubble around your gazebo, fix all cracks and holes, and then hose it down for a final wash. Finally, check that all screws are tight so that they won’t cause any problems in the near future.

Creative Gardening & Landscaping

Now is a perfect time to start planning what plants, shrubs, and flowers you want with your patio décor. Do some research and plan on what type of plants will be the most merciful with outdoor conditions. If you have a certain colour palette in mind with your flowers, figure out what type of greenery will be the best fit.

Get inspired to transform your outdoor spaces with some of our delightful patio design tips featuring some of our customers’ favourite items below.

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Vertical Gardens: Wall gardens are a great example of adding vitality and tranquility to the space. Green walls are an efficient way of using space vertically and creating an interesting talking point. Urban Green, a local Canadian company, offers a wide variety of options such as portable, framed, or custom living walls. They also offer maintenance and new installation techniques at different price ranges. Their packages start at $70/month which will give you beautiful healthy plants for years to come.

A Beautiful Mess

Artificial Hedge: If you want something that's low maintenance, you can also go with an artificial outdoor or indoor hedge set. They not only look beautiful but also improve acoustics and add some privacy. Stores like Wayfair and Home Depot have great options that not only look realistic but offer a variety of widths and heights within different price ranges.

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Find A Purpose To Your Outdoor Space

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Now that your space is green and ready, it’s time to plan which items you might want for your outdoor patio. It's best to decide what you want to keep, what items you need to add, and how you want to plan your space. It’s very important to understand the area you have available, and the layout intended. Make a list of your must-haves. Consider loose furniture like lounge seating and sunbeds, bistro sets, benches, BBQ grills, and more fixed items like fountains, fire pits, and shade sails.

Pro Tip: Measure the space you have available before bringing in any pieces. If you need some extra help putting a layout together, our Light Package Décor Package is the best option for you!

Patio Furniture and Accessories We love!


Furniture and décor bring your dream patio to life but is not always enough to add warmth and comfort to the area. The key is how to accessorize and fill those gaps in the space. You could add some atmospheric lighting through lanterns, some colorful and floral throw pillows, an outdoor rug, and table décor to soften up the design and have a soothing colour palette.

Stores like CB2 and Urban Barn offer beautiful outdoor furniture and décor pieces at a wide variety of prices. See below for some of our favourite and most requested pieces.

Terrazzo Black Coffee Table:

This CB2 exclusive oversized stone table is perfect for fruit baskets, coffee, and snacks for a gathering. It defines the seating area with natural beauty in a modern form and its circular shape is perfect to gather and ease circulation around.

Cabana Chair with Ottoman:

A beanbag with a modern uplift. For extraordinary outdoor comfort, this Urban Barn Cabana Chair is a must-have piece of patio furniture. It comes with a matching ottoman as a footrest or for extra seating for your next patio gathering.

When buying outdoor furniture and accessories, it's important to invest in sectionals, cushions, throw pillows, and umbrellas that are water-resistant and UV protected. It will definitely provide a longer life to your furniture throughout the wet seasons and the dry sunny days. West Elm's newest outdoor furniture selection includes a lot of examples for every mood.

Portside Low Textilene Chaise Lounger:

With its wire-brushed surface and weathered finish, West Elm's outdoor chaise lounger feels rustic and elegant. It is crafted of water-resistant and sustainable wood, with an attached side table for your drink.

There's even an easy-to-clean breathable fabric on the seat and back to keep you cooler and dryer on hot summer days. Style this piece with a few accent pillows, a throw, and your favourite drink!

Firepits and BBQs are also a great way to elevate the look of your patio and bring that extra ambiance to it! It helps maximize the seating area around it and creates a focal point in your design.

Pro Tip: When you’re looking for outdoor furniture, don’t forget to invest in furniture covers too. Your investment in outdoor furniture will last longer when protected. Keep those cushions plush and clean!

Small Space? No Problem

Having limited outdoor space is something city residents are used to. Most of us have smaller spaces that require a smart design and storage on a smaller scale, but don't worry - careful planning or consulting an expert will pay off excessively.

Flexibility is key when it comes to planning which features to add and where. For example, go with options like stackable chairs, storage tables, and furniture with a smaller footprint. Floor cushions, cord lights, lanterns, and plants are the perfect accessories to add a warmer and softer atmosphere to your space.


Pro Tip: Focus on accessories in order to create a cozy atmosphere. The best part is that when it’s time to wrap up the summer season, your stylish furniture and small balcony decorations can easily find a home inside.

Boost Your Mental Health


Many of us seek better mind-body health by simply spending time outdoors. Studies show that being outdoors, surrounded by greenery and landscaping, can reduce stress levels, boost your immune system, and elevate your mental health. Simply go outside to your patio for some fresh air, read a book, do yoga, and see the benefits.

Tufted Pillows For Max Comfort

Available in different sizes and pastel colors, these tufted pillows from West Elm are the best for relaxing, meditating, and spending quality time under the sun. You can use them for your outdoor sectionals or simply place them on the patio slab for an intimate and casual setup. They're also water-resistant and made from recycled plastic bottles.

Start planning (if you haven't done it yet) and get started on putting some ideas together. You still have some time to turn your patio into a beautiful oasis. A memorable experience on your patio can have lasting, all-season effects.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe patio season!

With love,

White Dahlia Design Team



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