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The 3 Patio Decor Must-Haves to Master Your Outdoor Retreat

Photos from Pinterest and Urban Outfitters

To "get out" of the house during this pandemic, we suggest making your patio, deck or balcony feel just as cozy and stylish as your living room. Even if you live in a condo with a small balcony or patio, you can still create the feeling of a beautiful garden with the right planters. Many of us have plenty of time for home improvement projects right now. That's why we decided to share with you some simple beautiful backyard ideas to create luscious green balconies, patios, and decks. Check out our favourite beautiful planters, awesome deck ideas and great weekend DIY projects to create your stunning outdoor living room or relaxing backyard.

1 Stylish Plant Pots for the Win

Photos from CB2 and Wayfair

The easiest way to amp up your outdoor oasis it to add some stylish planter pots for a polished look. You can even use these planters to grow your own pretty vegetable garden! Make sure you do some research beforehand to ensure that you choose the right planter pot size for your vegetable or plant to grow. Above are some stylish planter pots we love that come in various sizes depending on your needs. Plants that thrive best in pots like these are beans, chard, kale, lettuce, onions, sweet peppers, tomatoes, spinach, radishes, and beets. For a modern look, go with a sleek and chic planter pot (top left and bottom right images). To create a boho style garden go for planters with earthy or gold tones (top right and bottom left images).

Pro Tip: Make sure the planters you purchase are heavy and durable so they can withstand heavy winds or rainfall.

Get Creative & Utilize Your Exterior Walls

People often focus on putting planters on the ground and forget about the exterior walls when creating outdoor spaces. The key to upping the cozy factor outside is hiding any cold concrete walls by layering it with plants. We love planter walls because it draws in nature, creating a personal oasis. It's also a great way to have privacy from condo or balcony neighbours. Another advantage is that your green wall can actually double as a hanging herb garden! Between all of the succulents and herbs, your space is going to be thriving with lush greens and tranquil vibes.

Photo from Pinterest

DIY Alert! All you really need are wood planks or pallets from the hardware store and a few tools. Try out these rust-free planters from Wayfair that are perfect for a DIY home planter wall project.

We also recommend painting or staining the wood to really capture that beautiful modern garden aesthetic. Need help picking out a paint or stain colour to compliment your yard? Our go-to online paint selection tool is from Benjamin Moore.

We particularly love the colour palette featured below. These colours give wood a polished finish. From left to right: Rosepine 461, Blue Note 2129-30, Creekside Green 2141-40

2 Light It Up!

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than cozying up outside with a glass of wine to unwind. How do you achieve the perfect beautiful outdoor garden setting? Well, there's a reason why your favourite date night restaurants have dimmed lighting. Set the mood in your balcony or deck area and create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere by adding the right lighting. A simple way to set the tone is by turning off the main outdoor light and instead, pick up some soft string lighting at your local hardware store. What a gorgeous way to create the perfect atmosphere for the warm summer nights soon to come!

Pro Tip: Stay away from LED porch lights, as the harsh brightness can ruin the ambiance!

Photo from CB2

3 Get Comfy

You really don't need a lot of stuff to make your patio or deck come together. The one outdoor furniture item that we do recommend investing in is comfortable seating. Whether you love to soak up the sun sprawled out on a day bed or love the calming sway of a hanging chair, the key is to focus on comfort. You likely won't be spending much time on your deck if your only option is sitting on a cheap plastic chair. Below are some outdoor furniture pieces to pull off that look for your outdoor Eden.

Photos from CB2 and Wayfair

Now is the time to begin planning how to get the most out of Spring and Summer with social distancing in our futures. If you need direction on what you can do with your specific space, give us a shout. We would be happy to come up with a beautiful backyard design for you!



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