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Transform Your Outdoor Space: Tips & Essentials

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Our outdoor space is just as important as our indoor environments. Whether you have a covered deck, patio, or maybe just a large plot of grass, you can utilize whatever outdoor space you have to lounge, entertain, and even work. Most importantly, you can have an outdoor retreat of your own where you can feel comfortable while breathing in that fresh air and soaking in that much-needed vitamin-D we all long for during the winter months.

Of course, we all have different sized patios and decks to work with just as we have different sized rooms in our home, and our outdoor spaces are most often not given the same amount of care and attention as our interiors. Have no fear! We are here to help you with the essentials for patio furniture to enhance as well as suite your own outdoor space that is unique to you. We’ll also share some of our finds for accessories that you may want to have for yourself, all of which are suitable for every budget. Lastly, we'll share some unique ideas and inspiration for your own deck or patio. Have fun and create your outdoor space as a little retreat that you can escape to in the safety of your own home. Now let's get started!

Pictured: Patio Furniture Layouts & Aesthetics


Furniture Essentials For Lounging

Spending time and relaxing outside means comfortable seating, and variety is key. If you've got the space, the more options the better so opt for sofas, chairs, and even oversized cushions that can be used as seating overtop your outdoor rug. If you've got a smaller balcony to work with, use multi-purpose and compactable furniture like a folding Adirondack chair for extra seating. Whether it's a small or large space, space planning and sourcing the correct sized furniture is key in order to achieve the right look and feel you want. Take a looks at these great options for inspiration.

Pictured: Patio Furniture Lounging Options

Left to Right: CB2, Wayfair, Article, West Elm

Pictured: surface options for your lounging needs

Left to Right: West Elm, CB2

Now who doesn't love the experience lounging at a vacation resort? It may seem out of reach at the moment, but it's not too hard to create your own little retreat with these affordable options. Stick to the basics of comfort. Outdoor pillows for visual appeal and coziness, blankets to keep you warm in the evening, or a table tray to hold your drinks and books so you don't have all your items in disarray.

Pictured: Lounging Accessories

Left to Right: CB2, West Elm


Nothing beats a beautiful summer evening spent wining and dining with your friends, family, and loved ones. Surrounded by lush greenery, sipping on your beverage of choice, and smelling those lovely summer scents. You don't need to spend much to achieve this just like this image below. This table is fabricated by repurposing architectural elements and decorated with simple table cloths, dining ware, and potted plants as the centerpiece. Let nature do the work, and if you're surrounded by tall city buildings try to incorporate some potted plants to create your own little garden. If you have an uncovered deck remember to have a shade option such as an umbrella.

Pictured: Easy Entertainment Set-up

Pictured: Outdoor Dining Essentials

Left to Right: CB2, Wayfair, Article, West Elm

Jenna Sue Design Co.

There are so many ways to set the tone for entertaining. Create ambiance by hanging string lights over your table, seating area, or fence, spread some lanterns throughout for added glow, or create a beautiful centerpiece for the table. Take a look at our picks for outdoor dining accessories to set the mood.

Pictured: Outdoor Dining Accessories

Left to Right: Urban Barn, Article, West Elm, Ikea

The last two images are great lighting options if you don't exactly have electrical sockets to support string lights. The pendant and lantern both from Ikea are LED solar-powered giving you that ambiance you desire without having cords and cables in sight.

Get Creative: Have Fun

When we say, "Make the most of your space" it doesn't mean you have to follow strict rules or only have an outdoor space for one particular purpose. Have fun and create a space that you'd want to actually spend as much time in while the weather permits. Say you don't want to spend a ton of money on outdoor dining sets but still want to spend time outdoors on your own property, make the most of your outdoor space by laying out easy outdoor floor tiles, or a rug over the grass so you can sit on the ground vs a chair. Followed by floor cushions or outdoor ottomans and a low height table. Or have fun with an outdoor hanging chair or hammock instead of a traditional lounge chair. Create a space that is unique to you.

Pictured: Creative Outdoor Dining & Lounging Ideas

Pinterest, Southern Living

We love these less traditional ways of entertaining and lounging ideas. This can be done by incorporating a low height table, outdoor rug or blanket, and some throw pillows to create a more relaxed vibe.

Left to Right: Ikea, CB2

Pictured: Unique Patio Furniture

Left to Right: CB2, Wayfair

Another option is to work with your own interior design style much like the image below. This relaxed boho-inspired outdoor space incorporates key elements such as flat wall baskets, hanging macrame plants, textured pillows, and wicker accents. If you're unsure what your interior design style is, find out with our fun free online quiz.


Now is the perfect time to make the most of your outdoor space if you haven't already. Remember that our outdoor environments are just as important as our indoor spaces and have the potential to be a place that is unique to you no matter the size or shape. There are so many added benefits to fresh air and sunlight so why not create an outdoor space in the privacy of your own home. We hope you are inspired just as we are to create your own little retreat. Make sure to subscribe down below for more tips and inspiration to maximize your own environment.



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