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Effortless Back to School Solutions for the Home

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Hand's up if you're a little overwhelmed wondering how we're already at the start of yet another school year, especially with the current state of events ☝️. We are all faced with a new normal, having to go from the majority of our time spent indoors juggling a mountain load of tasks such as working and homeschooling our kids, to some schools reopening with new protocols in place. Take a big breath in and just remember that we're all in this together!

We hope that we can help in preparation for this new normal back to school process not just for the little ones, but for post-secondary students as well. We'll go over creative school organizing for the main entrance and mudroom, ideal kids desk set-ups, kids room organization, and kids decor ideas. Keep reading for some tips and tricks for effortless solutions and creative ideas to keep the inspirational juices and productivity flowing!

Entrance and Mudroom Organization


The key to quickly getting in and out of the home is a functional and well thought out storage solution for the main entrance and mudroom. We've discussed how to store household items in style in a previous blog, so for this blog, we will be focusing more on back to school solutions.

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Traditionally, mudrooms are the home's secondary entrance dedicated to store and remove wet clothes and muddy boots to keep the rest of the home clean and clutter-free. However, not all of us are blessed with a dedicated mudroom entrance and have to make do with what we have. Whatever the case, storage is key!

Keep items organized by utilizing clear or decorative boxes and containers. Store everyday items in wired or see-through bins, and less used items in more decorative bins and boxes. Use freestanding benches with built-in storage solutions or shelving units if you don't have any existing built-in cabinetry, and opt for easy to clean items as well. Let's not forget the convenience of wall hooks! Wall hooks are a great solution for those quick grab and go school items such as coats or backpacks. Keep things fun by incorporating large cutout letters for dedicated spots, playful wall hooks, or colorful wallcoverings for a mood booster as you enter the house.

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Kids Desks


A bed or couch works fine, but having a place where you can sit up straight is better for both the body and the mind. Having a desk allows you to focus better on the task at hand. Allow for a setup with a simple desk and chair whether it's in their bedroom, living room, or personal home office, but remember to keep it fun. Desk sizes will vary in size depending on age so make sure to look for the appropriate ergonomic furniture to suit your children's needs. Decorate with playful prints such as a large area rug for the more casual tasks at hand, and incorporate efficient lighting to avoid eye strain.

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Any work surface will do if your kid's room doesn't necessarily have the space for a desk. If this is the case, make sure to invest in some kid-friendly storage solutions so that everything is kept neat, tidy, and easy to find.


Kid-Friendly Storage Solutions & Work Zones


Dedicate and organize specific areas for homework, arts, and crafts. Display everything so that you also incorporate your kid's art into the decor. Make sure that all kid-friendly items are within reach as well as easily distinguishable for quick cleanup. Floating shelves or bookshelves are great versatile furniture pieces to store books, arts and crafts, or any other school items. A bulletin board or wall hung clips are a fun way to showcase artwork and checklists. For small items utilize large decorative bins that kids can easily pullout or round containers for coloring pencil crayons and markers. These tips can also be incorporated for at-home work stations for adults, too!


Create work zones for your little ones by setting up a little work station in your office so you can keep an eye on them while you work. Take a look below at one of our previous projects where we created a space that is both adult and kid-friendly.

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Fun Inspiration

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It's important to have sufficient storage options and work zones set up, but it's also important to have a kid-friendly decoration that inspires motivation and creativity. We previously talked about the effects of color as a design element in interior design and how the colors we choose to surround ourselves with can greatly affect our moods, and this holds true for kids too. Opt for a color that sparks creativity and motivation such as blues and greens, or create a motif to suit their individual personalities.

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Showcase artwork and incorporate it into your design style for added personality. A simple and affordable DIY option could be wooden pant hangers or a string with clothing clips attached. Fun and artsy wallcoverings and cool colors can turn an ordinary room into a place of inspiration. Remember that design is meant to inspire us to be our best versions, so keep that in mind when creating a space that your kids would want to read, play, and tackle homework in.


Children Decor Stores

There are a few stores on our radar where you can find a great selection of decor to prep you for the upcoming school year.

  1. Kids at Home - A Canadian company with whose core belief is that kid's spaces should be welcoming, fun, and functional. They have a great selection of everything from functional furniture to playful decor for all age categories.

  2. Pottery Barn Kids - Distinctince of the classic Pottery Barn aesthetic with furniture, kid's toys, and decor for every room.

  3. West Coast Kids - Another Canadian made company that offers a large selection of family-friendly and trendy bedding, and decor.

Kids at Home I Pottery Barn Kids I West Coast Kids

Don't let the idea of back to school stress you out. Your home can still feel like a haven, despite all the added chaos happening around you. Plus, decorating a room together might just make for a terrific weekend bonding activity. Get in contact with us for your free consultation call if you want some extra help creating a back to school ready home!

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