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From Achromatic to Embracing Color

Pictured: an elegant neutral kitchen that doesn't play it safe

Tina Rich and Tali Roth

I know the neutral interiors trend has been very popular lately, but let’s take a step back to reintroduce color into our spaces. Color is such a powerful design tool and has the ability to influence our moods and well being, just as proper lighting can greatly affect our moods and task performance. It can be a little intimidating to incorporate, mix, or even choose colors for your space which is most often the reason why you would go with the “safe” choice of an all neutral interior. However, if done correctly, you can still achieve that achromatic interior design scheme without having to go completely colorless.

Color can make all the difference, and that's why designers are there to guide you when it comes to important variables that influence the way we experience living in our everyday spaces. Color can be incorporated in many different ways with a variety of interior finishes from paint, wallcovering, art, and tiles. Color can also be represented in freestanding furniture and decor such as a bold statement rug, statement chairs or sofa, or colorful living room throw pillows for a little added pop! Don't be afraid to choose the more riskier option, and let us reinspire you to add more color to your interior spaces!

This thoughtfully designed kitchen embraces two bold color pops while maintaining a harmonious theme. Naturally, you'd think yellow would be too bold especially as a kitchen backsplash, but the installment was done so mindfully as not to show any contrasting grout lines like we are used to seeing. The hunter green island contrasts perfectly with the yellow pop and warmer cabinet finish. A perfect example of a neutral color scheme with the right amount of pops of color!

Colour Theory

The easiest change you can make in your own home is to introduce color. We live to experience the beauty of this world and color is a true testament to that. Do you notice how your mood instantly changes when you are surrounded by the colors of nature? Or when you are on vacation surrounded by a tropical paradise? Colors have psychological characteristics to them which is why it is so important to add them to your interior spaces. With the availability of color hues or gradients, the uses of color are endless!

White Dahlia Design

The colors in this space complement each other setting the desired tone, and it's not only evident in the paint finishes, but also through the use of texture. If you're afraid to go bold on the walls, start slow and try playing with color through your decor items.

Pictured: decor items to add a little color into your space

Left to Right: Urban Barn, CB2

Start Small

Most of us usually think of paint when it comes to adding color, but let's not forget that color can be used in many different ways with a variety of interior finishes from wallcovering, art, and tiles just like the images above. Furthermore, take these powder rooms that are all finished with wall covering. Each wallpaper set a certain look and feel and are all aesthetically pleasing. Designer tip? A great way to add color to your home is to start with the powder room. You can create so much impact in such a tiny room without committing to the larger spaces. Look how fun and inviting these rooms are!

House Beautiful

Pictured: colorful wallpaper inspiration to incorporate into your spaces


White Dahlia Design for highBROW Make-up Clinic

Color Perception

Carefully placed colors can enhance a home in many ways, as well as create an illusion for the desired effect. Do you ever wonder why the more intimate restaurants have an overall darker color scheme? Intimate dining is all about setting the right mood, and darker colors paired with soft light will do just that. When you want to make a room appear more compact, smaller, or cozier, opt for stronger colors as this will help you create a more intimate atmosphere.

White Dahlia Design

The use of color in this dining room directs the energy towards the dining table and helps to create that intimate dining feel we want when hosting friends and family. It also helps to visually separate the space from the rest of the home.

Pictured: colorful rugs that make an impact

Left to Right: Ikea, Structube

Another great way to add accent colors into your space is by the use of accent area rugs. This not only will help to add more color into your space but is an affordable option without a major commitment such as painting your walls.

Connect to nature while you're inside by infusing neutral tones that aren't stark white such as greys, browns, beiges, and greens. There are endless sources of inspiration for interior design colors and once you've nailed down how you want to feel in your space, that's when you can start to decide what colors you want to work with. Infuse color into your design style and see how much of an impact it has on your life.

Pictured: (Left) a unique use of color

(Right) Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2020: First Light 2102-70

Left to Right: TLC Interiors, Benjamin Moore Interior Color Trends 2020

With all that color inspiration we just went through, we're not exactly saying that you should say goodbye to the achromatic trend, but to be open to incorporating more colors into your space. Especially since this design element is so powerful in that it can impact the way we feel, live, and work. You don't need to have confidence or guts to go bold with color, you just need proper guidance. We're here to help. Subscribe below if you haven't already, or follow us on our social media platforms for future inspiration and daily insights!



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