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Our Top 4 Requested Basement Designs

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We often overlook our basement design's full potential, using these spaces as storage areas rather than utilizing them as livable space. Lately, however, we've noticed a shift in thought here at White Dahlia Design. The need to utilize every valuable and usable space in our homes is stronger than ever, and yes, you guessed it, basements transformations are critical!

We know that basement renovations can come with a hefty price tag; however, a well-designed basement can create many benefits down the road. Due to the often untouched and unfinished space, you can really get creative with the floorplan. A basement can be transformed into an entertainment space, gym, wellness space, or even as creative as a home brewery. The options are endless! We will be covering our top four favourite and highly requested basement designs.

A Positive Investment

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On average, the cost to remodel a basement will vary on several factors depending on the design plan (open vs. partition walls), selected finishes and materials, fixtures, and labour, just to name a few.

Average Cost To Finish A Basement (USD)

Home Guide

Many basements present challenges depending on whether they are finished or unfinished, so it's important to ask the right questions at the beginning. However, the good news is according to a popular remodelling magazine (Home Guide), refinishing a basement adds resale value to your home and gives you a return on investment of up to 70%.

As much as cost is one of the main factors, other crucial considerations need to be addressed. Before starting construction, whether it is with a licensed trade or you're planning a basement DIY, don't make the mistake of overlooking details that could cost you down the road. If your basement is unfinished, it's important to identify code violations, existing foundations, water or insulation issues, and ceiling heights.

Design By White Dahlia Design

Without further a due, here are our top favourite and most requested basement designs of the year!

1. The Bachelor Suite

Full Basement Renovation - White Dahlia Design

Okay, okay, we're not talking about a neon light, shag rug "man cave" over here. A Bachelor Suite nowadays just means an open plan kitchen, living, and bedroom with a separate bathroom. As more people find themselves working from home more regularly, the need for extra space is in high demand. These designs are the perfect investment for maximizing your living space and a second kitchen and bathroom will only add value to your home value!

Full Basement Renovation - Design By White Dahlia Design

Key considerations to note for your bachelor suite design are access to natural light, efficient layout, and acoustics, especially if your basement will be considered a secondary living space. Check out one of our recent basement renovation transformations above, it includes a full kitchenette, living room, bedroom, bath, and a full rec area equipped with a pool table and fireplace. We went with a modern interior design style for this basement design that features contrasting white and black colors. What's not to love about this modern bachelor pad?

Pro Tip: When you don't have a separate entrance to the basement, always make sure large furniture pieces like a sectional sofa will fit through the stairs prior to purchasing it.

Want to know how to re-create this look? We suggest retailers such as CB2 for that perfect modern look. Not sure what your interior design style is? Take our free online quiz to find out.

2. A Wellness Space


Say you've got an unfinished basement that doesn't need to function as a second living space. With new options to rent gym equipment for your homes like fancy Peloton bikes, another trend we're seeing (and fully on board with) is the need for a wellness space. This space doesn't necessarily need to be a yoga studio like the beautiful space pictured above. It can also be a gym, massage room, reading nook, meditation space, or heck, even all of the above!

Additional ideas can be to add a sauna or steam shower if you want that extra luxe feel. Remember that these are additional fees and require certain parameters, so it's best to contact a professional if you want to head down this route.


3. Home Brewery

For some, spending more time at home these past few months meant exploring and expanding new hobbies and interests. Yes, even to the extent of creating your very own home brewery! But hey, why not?! That is the beauty of the interior design world. Our interior spaces can be shaped and moulded into spaces that truly reflect us.

Design By White Dahlia Design

If you're the hosting type, consider a basement design with a pub-like feel along with your fully functional brewery ;) For this specific brewery project, the client wanted an industrial design style throughout the space with a designated bar area. Keep in mind that like all user-specific designs, a home brewery will require very thoughtful and careful material selections, functional layout, storage, ventilation, and appropriate appliances.

Kitty Golding of Kitty & Co.

4. Entertaining Space

Toll Brothers

Finally, we have the entertaining space that will never go out of style, it is often the most important aspect when it comes to a fully developed basement design. These entertaining spaces we are referring to include everything from recreation rooms, home theatres, children's play areas, or all of the above.

For our latest basement reno project client, we proposed a combination of different areas meant to serve several needs and functions. This specific basement design is a place to gather with friends and family, a place for your children to play and learn, and a place to lounge while catching up on your favourite Netflix series. Key elements and thoughtful considerations for a great entertainment space include plenty of functional seating, storage for kid's toys, and of course, let us not forget about theatre lighting to truly capture that theatre-like vibe.

Design By White Dahlia Design

Basement renovations will never go out of style, whether it's a complete remodel or a facelift renovation, know that a basement design will benefit you in the long run. As for the interior design style, the options are endless. Just make sure you know the standard costs involved, get at least 3 quotes from trusted professionals. We always love a good basement reno!

With Love,

White Dahlia Design Team



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