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Storing Household Items in Style

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"Tidying your physical space allows you to tend to your psychological space." - Marie Kondo. I'm sure we all have items whether big or small that require some sort of storage, and we are all guilty of having our things in disarray at one point or another. Whether it's dropping our keys, mail, and coats somewhere near the front door or not having a place to store seasonal items, we end up having "stuff" laying around in several places of the house. This can leave us searching endlessly room after room trying to find that one item we need.

Simply having our items neatly and stylishly stored away can save us the headache of trying to find out where we last left something and minimize the chaos of a visually cluttered room. Storage is all about functionality, but it can also be stylish and worked into your existing interior decor.


Who here is guilty of leaving their keys, shoes, purse, or coats anywhere in the home as soon as you step through the front door? You then have to run out but can't find your keys? Or maybe you have to take the dog out for a walk and you can't find the leash? We're all guilty of it. If you're not blessed with a large closet, custom built-ins, or a large foyer, here are storage options that you can add to your space. Designer Tip? Keep frequently used items visually in sight such as car keys, hats, sunglasses, or your dog's leash, and store away seasonal items.


A great way to add some extra storage in the entryway is to add a narrow console table or cabinet. The top left picture incorporates an inexpensive Ikea cabinet for a seamlessly low key storage option. Each table is finished off with simple storage options such as stylish wall hooks and baskets. If you're using a narrow console table without storage beneath, use a small decorative tray on top instead. Finish off the area with some greenery, large mirror, and decorative objects. You can also display your own fashion items as decor, pictured in the left image where the hats are hung on the wall. A cute way to store outerwear accessories, such as hats and gloves, is to pop a nice basket beneath your console table.

Pictured: stylish storage options for frequently used items at the Entrance

Urban Barn

Living, Dining, Bedroom, Office

Living rooms, Dining rooms, Bedrooms and Home Offices are considered high traffic areas. When we're at home, we often spend most of our time in these rooms lounging, entertaining family and friends, or recharging from a long day. Just like with the foyer, these rooms require some sort of storage system to give the necessary household items a place in the room.

White Dahlia Design

Do you love to entertain? Incorporating a stand-out bar cart will keep your drinks and entertaining items organized. Work it into the style of the room. Decorate dining room console tables and credenzas with larger decorative trays for your glasses, or use large baskets for those extra throw pillows and blankets in your living room. Purchase furniture with built-in storage options so it's less obvious, such as an ottoman that serves as both a coffee table and storage. A chest or storage bench is also a great option for stylishly storing kid's toys all in one place.

Pictured: stylish storage options for your Living and Dining

Top: CB2 I Bottom: Wayfair

White Dahlia Design

Our bedroom and home offices usually need storage for items such as books, filing, and stationary. These rooms require optimal organization in order to efficiently work, but it doesn't have to look boring. There are several great options to effectively stylize your items. Instead of using boring cubed boxes - which, I'm sure we are all familiar with - get creative boxes or stylish storage baskets that have different textures and materials to them. Place the boxes or baskets on shelves, on top of cabinets, side tables, and desks. Use wall-mounted filing organization or floating shelves to free up desk space.

Pictured: stylish storage options for your Bedroom and Office

Pottery Barn

Kitchen and Pantry

The Kitchen and Pantry can quickly get out of hand if not organized. We forget we have items that we've previously purchased tucked away at the far back of the cupboard, so we end up buying multiples and more then we need. It's important to de-clutter these areas so that you not only save money but have these items placed efficiently within reach and sight when you're in the kitchen cooking or looking for your favorite snacks!

Jillian Harris

Designer Tip? Stock frequently used dishware within reach while incorporating it into the design, especially if you have open shelving. Use clear mason jars to store nonperishable food items such as dried beans, pasta, or dried fruits and nuts for easy grabs. Display your beautiful serving bowls and larger dishes. Play with storage baskets in different materials and sizes to store potatoes and yams, garlic, or onions. Use cutting boards or cheese boards as decor items, and don't forget about serving trays. Everything you use for storage has a purpose and place and should be a useful item for your kitchen. Choosing storage or functional pieces that add to the aesthetic of your kitchen will have a huge impact.

Pictured: stylish storage options for your Kitchen and Pantry


I think we can all agree that when our homes are in order with everything in its place, we feel a little more at ease. But storage options don't need to be a bore, consider stylish storage decor and incorporate them into your everyday space to not only make things easier to find, but to have a visually less cluttered space. Designer tip? Start with one room and slowly work your way to a neat and stylishly organized home.



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