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4 Designer Insights to Transform your Hallways & Foyers

Good Housekeeping

Your hallways/entryways/foyers often get neglected when it comes to the design of your homes.

From long and wide to short and narrow, each space is unique on its own and requires different care and attention based on its existing architectural features and household inhabitants. Follow along to see how you can easily elevate these spaces to suit your individual needs.

Hallway Entryway Vs A Foyer

Since entrance halls and foyers are located right as you enter the front door, this is the home's first impression. These areas are a great way to introduce your style as you transition to other rooms.

Foyer, Entrance Hall I Pinterest Hallway I Pinterest

In these two images above, you can clearly see the difference between a square hallway entryway vs a long and narrow hallway entryway into a home. Hallways require a clear focus point at the end that sets the tone of your design style. Whereas with more open entryways, you can have multiple points of interest.

1.What To Do With A Narrow Hallway

When it comes to hallways, these longer stretches are often empty, dark, and narrow, so the goal here is to bring in additional lighting (like wall sconces) and use decor (like mirrors) to brighten up the area. Remember that even though hallways aren't necessarily rooms, they are considered high traffic areas that require just as much style and finesse. Take a look below how just a few minimal decor pieces can make a huge impact and add function.

Lacking Personality vs. Minimal Styling - Pinterest

Key Considerations

  1. Key dimensions: length, width, ceiling height

  2. Artificial and natural lighting: do you have a window that gives off enough light? Or, do you need more artificial lighting?

  3. Lifestyle and Design Style: Do you have pets and kids? consider the maintenance of the items you source, and even go as far as to consider the season. This will also help you determine your storage needs as you enter the home. Understand your style so you can ensure cohesiveness.

Know what will work for your lifestyle - House Beautiful

Key Things to Avoid

  1. Clutter: unnecessary furniture and decor can make your hallways and foyers feel too cluttered and create more maintenance.

  2. Poor circulation: always allow for enough walking room since these areas are transitional high traffic areas. For example, a bench that takes up too much space (if you have to force it, it's not meant to be).

  3. Wrong-sized furniture and decor: aim for items at the right scale and practical decor. For example, avoid lighting that is hung too low or a long white runner rug. Again, this coincides with your lifestyle needs. Head over here for more lighting tips!

2. Create A Visual Story

A Beautiful Mess I Pinterest

When creating a gallery wall to create interest in a hallway, make sure to create guides before starting. A general rule for hanging pictures is to hang the centre at 56 - 60" from the finished floor, with 2" to 3" between each photo. Finish it off with a low pile runner rug for easy maintenance and accent lighting like wall washer lights to showcase the beautiful gallery you've just created. If you want to learn more tips on creating a gallery wall like a pro, subscribe to our newsletter to get the full "How To Create A Gallery Wall - Mini e-book."

3. Play with Mouldings, Paint, and Wallcovering

Good Housekeeping

Hallway decoration or design can be a fun project if you know what they need. Whether you've got decorative trim or not, paint the moulding and trim the same colour as the walls to elevate standard white walls or add some depth by adding your own. If your hallways are super long, paint the far end wall to create the illusion of a shorter hallway by bringing that far back wall in. And if you want to introduce a splash of colour and personality, try getting creative with wallcovering! There are so many different styles in the market right now, from textured to full-on decals.

Wainscoting Styles & Paint Ideas I Pinterest

There are many different options for wainscotting design, from the square grid to the narrow. We love these finer details as they can create depth and texture to walls, or rather yet your foyers and hallways, and there are several DIY options available these days that won't break the bank. We've mentioned before how creating the illusion can be done with paint. Just take a look at the gorgeous examples above.

4. Style Your Foyer To Set A Tone

Your foyers are the first area of the home you and guests are greeted to, so it's important to set an impression. However, don't be afraid to incorporate your own style here, no matter the scale. Whether it's grand or small, the key is to pay attention to the furniture's scale and even the decor items. Our tip? You can never go wrong with a mirror! No matter what style you resonate with, always add an extra layer of artificial light such as wall sconces or a decorative table lamp!

Styling for a Large Foyer vs. Small Foyer - Architectural Digest I Pinterest

Bria Hamel Interiors Farmhouse Foyer I Rue Mag

Aim for decor that brings out your design style yet is functional at the same time. If you need more storage as you enter the door, opt for a cabinet instead of a console table. Another option is to incorporate a sleek console table so you can easily slip a bench or small ottomans underneath. Don't be afraid to have fun and get creative with your own DIY wallcovering using magazine cutouts. Need help styling your entryway tables? We've created a post to guide you to style any surface, for that matter.

Decoist I Luxesource

The same goes for your hallways. Decorative mirrors in your foyers can do the same for your narrow hallways by adding the illusion of depth and allowing light to bounce around.


Bonus: What's Popular & Trending?

Clark and Co Homes I Amy Storm and Co

If you're thinking of doing a remodel or are in the process of a custom build, think about stepping out of your comfort zone by going for an arched entryway, or a wall-covered ceiling. Statement lighting and unique flooring will also elevate these spaces. It literally is all in the details!

Dering Hall I Duke Manor Farm

There are endless possibilities to elevate your otherwise bare hallways and forgotten foyers. Don't forget to keep these tips in mind, and we hope you are inspired to take these areas to the next level. As always, we are just a click away, so please don't hesitate to reach out.



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