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5 New Interior Design Styles You Probably Didn't Know About


Some of the most popular interior design styles were born decades ago, moved from generation to generation, and stayed current mostly because of trends and popularity in the residential market all over the world. Thanks to magazines, tv shows, and overall social media, some styles stuck around and are still very popular today. But, new styles have also emerged and are gaining status everywhere! Today, we will be discussing 5 new interior design styles that you probably haven't heard of that we totally love and you'll surely want to incorporate into your home!

The importance of interior design styles


You may think home décor styles are just a marketing trend that is meant to sell and be forgotten in a few years, but it is so much more! A home style says as much about you as the way you dress, the places you go, and the people you hang out with. Our background, our family, our friends, our hobbies, and our overall interests shape who we are and we use styles to reflect this, so the same is with your home. Our home is an extension of who we are and what we like, so your space should reflect this. Are you a classic romantic who finds beauty everywhere? Or are you minimal and functional who strongly believes less is more? Or maybe you lay in the middle and maybe you are not quite sure, whatever is it, this article will hopefully help you to find out. Let’s dive in!

1. California Cool: Breezy, bright, and easy going

The Cliffside By Studio McGee

Also called Cali Cool, this style is a synonym for coastal and is all about a space to relax and unwind with a touch of luxe. Highly influenced by Scandinavian design, minimalism is highly important for a home with no clutter that allows you to connect with the décor that truly speaks to you yet offers a cozy vibe.

Cali Cool is all about neutrals with lots of patterns and texture and toned-down pops of colour, so off-white walls as a background are important to start with. You can also introduce raw materials such as wood that help bring some warmth in, and, of course, lots of greenery, so succulents, cactus, and palms are your best friends. Retro furniture and décor pieces are also a key to achieving this style, so bring in that mid-century table, those wicker chairs, muted coloured pieces, and a nice neon light for some fun. You can also use rattan and wicker on area rugs and lighting. Clearly, you will have to have a bit of bohemian in you to love this style, but you can elevate the look with some brass and black accents. Finish it up with lots of patterns and textures on fabrics and art. Get some of our Umbra favorite items for this style below!

2. Dark Academia: Moody Maximalism

The Spruce Lifestyle and Berries

For the classic romantics, this is a great way to display your loved décor pieces and highlight them. As a background, you can use dark wall tones with pops of earthy colours and the use of wood and leather to elevate it all. Even though this style may pass as very masculine, there are ways to soften it up such as bringing more feminine patterns like florals and more organic-shaped furniture pieces. Dark Academia is very popular nowadays in the design of boutique hotels all around the world and we are loving it!

Bright minimal and airy is not for everyone! If you find yourself draught towards darker, warmer, and richer tones, then this style may be for you! This style will stand the pass of time in an easier way as you are already bringing antique-looking décor and furniture elements that bring the classic 19th-century vibe but with a twist. Get some of our Umbra favorite items for this style below!

3. Retro Revival: For the Eclectic Bold Ones

Palma By Kelly Wearstler

In the era of influencers and bloggers, traveling around the world is just part of most people's lives in their 20s, so it is natural to want to bring these souvenirs and influences of styles into your home while up-cycling retro pieces. New generations are trying to go back in time trying to find a new meaning for the value of furniture and décor that has a nostalgic vibe while reducing the environmental impact of mass-produced items. With a 60’s flare, this style has eclectic written all over it and will be a topic of discussion every time people visit your home. Get some of our Umbra favorite items for this style below!

4. Art Deco Glamour

Love Happens Magazine

This is again, a style inspired by earlier decades bringing the best of the 20s but with a more contemporary flare. Think luxe Great Gatsby without the price tag. Thanks to more affordable furniture and décor pieces, today, this style is more accessible to everyone compared to back in the 20s when it was only for glam Hollywood. From rich bold jewel tones and ribbed elements to bold patterned wallpaper and sparkling lighting, you can introduce this style into your space. The key element of Art Deco that is very popular right now can be seen in statement lighting pieces and geometric architecture elements such as columns, ceilings, and fireplaces. Get some of our Umbra favorite items for this style below!

5. Scandinavian Farmhouse: A Blend of Both Worlds

The Little Bird - Farmhouse Living

This style is a combination of the best of American and Nordic influences in design: minimal and functional meets raw and natural. City and country lifestyles perfectly combined to bring a great look to any space at home. Shiplap is still used to bring some texture into the architecture with a combination of neutral tones and black accents. Wood is also very important to warm up the space and bring in some natural textures combined with greenery. Get some of our Umbra favorite items for this style below!

What's your style?

These 5 styles are just a few of a very long list of more traditional ones. The increased search for interior design styles that blends earlier aesthetics with current lifestyles is an exciting chapter for the interior design industry! While current trends are evolving and older ones are being re-invented, this pushes new boundaries to explore for both clients and interior designers and decorators. We are sure this will bring new and even more exciting styles in the future that will be seen not only in residential but also in commercial and hospitality spaces. Remember, that more than a trend, a design style should speak to you and your lifestyle to create that perfect space you can call home.

If you want to explore other styles and how to bring them into your home, you can find some fresh ideas for Minimal Japandi, Transitional, Hollywood Glam, Modern, Industrial, Modern Rustic, and Boho Chic. If these styles are too bold for your home and you have a rental property you are looking to spruce up then this is a perfect way to create an unforgettable experience your guests won't forget. If you want to discuss how this can be integrated into your property we would love to chat with you! To read more about design trends this year you can read our previous article on Interior Design Trends for 2022.

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