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How to Achieve that Style: Boho Chic Edition

Everywhere you turn, "boho" is thrown around like confetti, but what does the term mean exactly and why is it so prominent in interior design today? Boho is an abreviation for the French word, Bohemian, meaning "gypsy". In it's most simplest form, a Bohemian is a person who lives free from the conventions and ties of society. Heavy into the arts, literature and music scene, Bohemians find inspiration from culture and the creatives of the world. You may see them ramping up for a weekend at Coachella or speaking out loud-and-proud at poetry readings, but boho has evolved significantly over the years.

Now, boho decor is taking the interior design world by storm. You can see it displayed everywhere, hung freely from boutique shop windows, trendy café walls, and even at aunt Janice's new condo. Why is "boho" the new "it" trend? It resonates with people. In a society where there are so many cookie-cutter ideas, sometimes it just feels nice to operate (and decorate) by ones own standards.

That is the beauty of the boho style. You are free to embelish your home as little or as much as you want. There are no restrictions to your creativity. However, depending on what look you are trying to achieve, there are some simple guidelines to liberally follow...if you catch our drift.

The Eclectic Boho Style

In terms of interior design, eclectic boho is what most people think of when they think "Bohemian". Bright, bold colours, funky patterns, heavy organic fabrics, and a significant selection of plants wherever you turn. It is like taking a trip down memory lane. Every corner or wall becomes the time capsule of a life well-spent and well-travelled.

Want to create the eclectic boho look in your home? Focus on playing around with an array of textures, patterns and fabrics. Mixing patterns is highly encouraged; however, there is an art to it. You don't want to throw your senses into overdrive by haphazardly scattering every pattern you encounter around your home. Choose patterns with complimentary colour schemes. As you can see in the photo above, various patterns are used but blues and yellows are prominently featured throughout the design. This allows your eyes to travel smoothly within the space. If you would light some guidance to get started, our affordable introductory light package might be perfect for you!

White Dahlia Design

The eclectic boho look is spontaneous, it's bold, it's a mish-mash of elements that compliments each other. Check out the fun-spirited look we created for our amazing clients, Joy and Hainsley, above! They loved their staple-piece couch, but wanted the rest of the room to make sense with it's bold design. Challenge accepted! We paired their brown leather, floral, 60's inspired couch with furniture pieces that played with the colours of the couch cushions. Blue, yellow and beige stand out, so we curated our design with those colours in mind.

Wayfair | Pinterest | Pinterest

When creating the boho look, endulge in the organics. Natural materials such as rattan, yarn, hemp, wood, and leather are staple elements in any boho design. Love the eclectic look but still don’t feel like you can pull it off on your own? Message us for some helpful designer tips!

BohoGang via Instagram

The Modern Boho Style

This style is quickly gaining momentum in the interior design industry. While it holds true to the free-spirited ideals of the Bohemian way of life, what sets the modern bohemian look apart from it's eclectic counterpart is the neutral backdrop. Stark white walls create a more clean, fine-tuned look.

Lively colours, bold patterns and textures, and natural elements still play a large role in the overall boho aesthetic, however, furniture pieces are often a lot more toned down in modern designs. Instead of punchy oranges, reds and yellows, you see a lot more subtle greys, whites, and beiges. Furniture pieces veer away slightly from the vintage nostalgia of the past, and transition to those inspired by the modern era.

Sleek lines, like those displayed in the stylish armchairs above, are a modern-bohemians dream. Paired with some vibrant, mixed-patterned pillows and a fluffy rug, they come alive to serve a greater purpose. We absolutely love the details in the vintage gold mirror and grey console table! A nod to European architecture, they remind us of travels through some of the most beautiful and ornate places in the Northern Hemisphere.

Whatever boho look you choose to execute, don't forget the greens! Hanging, potted, all varieties of plants will do! Succulents, string of pearls, and air-plants are excellent when trying to maintain a care-free lifestyle. Feel free to play around with various pot shapes and patterns for a truly unique and inspired look.

Modern Boho Feature: HighBROW Studio

Recently, we got to work on the phenomenal microblading, spray tanning, and makeup application studio, HighBROW. It was a pure pleasure to see this space transform and make the owner's modern boho dream come to life! Now her clients can find their zen while getting pampered.

White Dahlia Design - HighBROW

As forgiving as the boho style may seem, it's not always easy to create a boho design. It takes a good understanding of what elements pair well together. If you are struggling with your own boho design, email us, or call or text us at (+1) 519 - 574 - 2990. We'd be happy to lend an expert hand!


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