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Achieve That Style: Industrial Edition

More and more, industrial designs are taking cities by storm. Inspired by warehouses and old factories, this style is raw, it's edgy, it's unrefined in the best way. The industrial style gained popularity in the late 2000's as developers sought to convert old factories, warehouses, and laboratories into livable spaces quickly and efficiently.

Their aim was to eliminate as much construction as possible, by leaving the unfinished structural elements of the commercial buildings intact. What started out as a practicality, quickly turned into a sought after style. Care to introduce the industrial look into your home? Stick around!

Tip 1: Use A Neutral Backdrop

An earthy or natural pallet works best in this space because it allows for the building structure, itself, to be the focal point. Wooden beams, ductwork, concrete; they all give character to the space without the need for excess. Opt for black, white, sandy brown or even weathered grey walls to help you pack the industrial punch you desire.

Selecting paint colours is not always a cut-and-dry task, especially when trying to coordinate with your furniture shopping. Take the guesswork out of your day — we can work with you to customize your room exactly to your liking. This includes helping you select the perfect paint colours, furniture pieces, and accessories, all while providing you with a 3D model to help you fully visualize your space. We can even set you up with a terrific painting contractor for a simplified, muck-free experience!

Tip 2: Let the Furniture Do The Talking

Due to its utilitarian nature, industrial style furniture pairs exceptionally well against a neutral wall, creating an edgy and purposeful design aesthetic. In order to give your home that loft feel, play around wood, brick, leather, brushed metals, concrete, and textured upholsteries.

Check out the beautiful live-edge wooden nestling benches, brick accent wall, concrete planters, matte black light fixture and leather-looking pillows below. All the elements work together to make a bold impression on the senses. What's not to love?

Choose furniture pieces that are sturdy and have a masculine vibe to them. Antique finds, such as old draftsmen chairs and factory storage benches work exceptionally well in an industrial home due to their solid, old-school feel, so try your luck at a garage sale! Want truly unique and beautiful industrial style pieces but lack the time to hunt around? Our Stress-Free Package is meant for you! We will source all your furnishings for you and show you what your room will look like, all in 3D.

Tip 3: Let The Natural Features Shine

To go along with our first tip, while trying to achieve the industrial feel, make sure you do not conceal the bones of the loft or home. They are what add character to the space. Instead, touch up what needs to be touched up but leave the integrity of the room intact. Imperfections give an industrial home it's charm.

Imagine how this room would look without the cascading wooden beams, metal accents, and brick walls? It would not be nearly as exciting.

Tip 4: Choose Eye-Catching Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important features in an industrial home. There are so many dynamic and striking light fixtures you can find to compliment your home. We are obsessed with the pipework light fixtures in the bathroom below! Our eyes are instantly drawn to their sleek contour and metallic design. Here, lighting becomes equally about style and function.

If you have no clue what lighting or furniture pieces to choose for your home, contact us! We would be happy to show you what your home could look like in the industrial style. Sit, relax, and enjoy the finished product while we source some beautiful options for you and make your vision come to life!


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