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Achieve That Style: Hollywood Glam Edition

When you think of Hollywood, what do you think of? Starlettes sashaying down red carpets, making their marks on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame? Or perhaps dreams being sought and made in the thriving film and music industry? Hollywood isn’t just known for its stars, it’s also known for its larger-than-life style.

The 1930s brought many changes to the Sunset Strip. The Golden Age of Hollywood saw a shift in infrastructure and prosperity, and new opulent styles began to emerge. Hollywood Glam became a household name, especially through its manifestation in interior design. 

We still see this glitzy style popping up in homes around the world, reminding us all of the lavishness of a time gone by. Want to infuse your home with some Hollywood Glam? Follow these #hometips.

Tip 1: Don’t Forget The Silver

Silver makes its stamp on Hollywood, one metal accent at a time. From chair legs, to mirror frames, to decorative accents — you can find silver peeking through everywhere in interior spaces. If you want to add that traditional Hollywood glamour touch, add some silver to your home. Below are a few of our favourite glam inspired items.

For a more modern twist, embellish your glam design with gold instead. Gold accents add a nice warm finish to an otherwise stark interior, so they are perfect for those looking to liven up their senses and their homes. If you choose to go for the gold, remember to accessorize with other glam finishes for a more authentic look. |

Tip 2: Make Crystals Your Best Friend

Crystals and diamonds are synonymous with luxury and extravagance. Their over-the-top vibe is not for all— but for the daring few — it’s everything! If you love the glam look, embrace crystals or diamonds like you would a best friend. | |

Lighting can drastically transform a room, so when shopping around for the perfect glam accessories, choose wisely. Crystal chandeliers create a feeling of grandeur and make a space pop, especially if that space has high ceilings. While high ceilings are not essential for making a glam design work, they do elevate the look by allowing the light to play with shadows. 

Tip 3: Get Fluffy

Fabrics play a huge role in creating distinct interior design styles. That is especially true for the Hollywood glam aesthetic. Plush, fluffy fabrics make up this style, adding comfort and elegance to a space.

Velvet, fur/faux fur, and even soft suede fabrics work particularly well in a glam home. Why? They look and feel expensive, often without the high price point! There are so many ways you can use fabrics to create this desired effect. Couches, accent chairs, throw pillows, blankets, and even headboards can be made using these fabrics. Are you having trouble finding the right accents for your glam home design? Don’t stress over not knowing what goes and what doesn’t. We can create an expertly crafted and personalized moodboard for you!

Tip 4: Put Your Best Mirror Forward

Mirrors are staple features in glam designs. While they have a practical purpose in most designs, in glam designs, mirrors take on a whole new meaning. They reflect the overall opulence and feel of the room. When designing your space, stay away from wooden frames. They can tone down the glam of a room. Silver or gold-framed mirrors work best. Starburst mirrors are also a great fit for this lavish style. |

Do you live for the Hollywood glam style but aren’t quite sure how to put it together in your home? Send us a few pictures of the room you want to be furnished and we will come up with a truly show-stopping design — full of glamour and all in your budget! Our Stress-Free Package is right for you!



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