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Achieve That Look: Modern Rustic Mix

Why are more people making their primary home feel more like a cottage? Because it reminds them of happy times; times spent making memories on the dock, relaxing or playing games in front of the fire, and escaping from the stressors of everyday life. It is no surprise, then, that we cling to those moments for inspiration when designing our day-to-day homes.

The modern rustic mix style becomes less about what you stuff into your home, and more about what sparks that summertime nostalgia for you. Want to infuse your modern home with some cozy cottage vibes? Achieve the look with these handy tips.

Use Whites or Soft Colours

What distinguishes the modern rustic style from a traditional cottage style? The palette. Whites and soft creams, pinks and greys reign supreme. These softer colours create a cleaner look, bringing the traditional cottage to the twenty-first century. Silhouettes are simple, yet effective. They allow for more leeway when it comes to choosing furniture and punchy accents.

Remember, when selecting paint colours, choose tones that match with the furniture and flooring of the room. For instance, if you have rich brown hardwood floors running throughout, select warm toned paints to complement the flooring. This will prevent the room from looking stark and cold.

Embrace Shiplap

Shiplap is a type of long wooden board commonly used for siding on home exteriors because it is inexpensive and weather durable. In recent years, shiplap has been adopted as an ornamental and practical feature in modern and cottage style homes. Not only do shiplap boards add a level of interest to a room by drawing the eye towards the textured straight lines, they also create a sense of grandeur to the space. They come in different materials such as MDF for a more cost effective option, and also in different widths for mixing and matching.

Does your space feel a bit claustrophobic, as if it is closing in on you due to its small size or low height? Horizontal boards create the illusion of space by forcing the eye to scan across the room, making it feel larger. On the other hand, vertical shiplap boards draw the eye upwards, making a room feel taller. Keep that knowledge in mind when designing your dream modern rustic home.

Choose Dark Wooden Furniture & Accents

Wood, particularly dark-toned wood, is a staple feature in modern mix style homes because it accentuates the rustic, organic feel of the room. It brings nature indoors, warming up the space instantly. Feel free to get creative with your design. Incorporate wooden elements throughout, letting your imagination run wild!

Wooden window coverings, built-in benches, floating shelves, and even wooden light fixtures are making their appearance in homes all over the world. Looking for the perfect wooden accent to finish off your home's modern cottage look? Contact us for assistance and check out the stunning kitchen island design below, for inspiration!

Add Personalized Touches

Nostalgia is brought on by the memories that stir up emotions for us; memories of feeling safe, happy, and humbled. It is not surprising, then, that momentos and nicknacks illicit this sort of response in us. They define the modern cottage style and make it come to life.

Personalized touches like freshly-picked flowers and wreathes; geometric finds and travel inspired decor all leave something to be admired. They remind visitors that this place, this home, is one where quiet comforts are found and take root.

Feeling inspired by these modern cottage looks but lack the time and effort to put them together with ease? We'd be happy to help. Shoot us a message or give us a call to get started on your dream home!


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