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Colleen Starz


Colleen just bought her first condo and she wanted to make it reflect her vibrant personality. Our goal was to maximize her square footage ensuring she had the functionality to be able to host large groups of friends and family for weekend gatherings.

The latest in Bedroom decor

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Best DIY Bedroom Hacks

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is where you go to relax and recuperate after a long, arduous day. You want it to reflect a feeling or peace and comfort.

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The Woods & White Trend

Read about the trend of mixing wood tones into a neutral room in order to bring in the warmth to a cool room. Perfect for creating a relaxing bedroom escape.

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A Bit Of

French Flare

Add a touch of that French charm and romance into your bedroom! Read all about Contemporary Elegance and the Avant-Garde Chic look.

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