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White Dahlia has really taken in the French styles and designs. Now it is time to dive deeper into our favourite styles of Contemporary Elegance and Avant-Garde Chic by exploring their colour tones and commonly used materials.

Contemporary Elegance reigns from France’s fragrance for romance and cultivated beauty. The primary accent colours used for this design trend would range from the neutral colour tones of beige, ivory, taupe, grey, and shades of black and white. However, it can slightly be altered by adding in undertones that complement the colours, such as a touch of pink or a hint of mauve to taupe. The undertone colour is entirely up to you to chose from as long as it's in the realm of neutral to pastel colours.

If you’re trying to stay monochromatic with your design, use different shades of the same colour to add depth and volume to your space without making it look dull or washed out; this style could be interpreted as sophisticated and clean.

A modern twist could be added to your design with the use of materials such as metal, marble or wood; these materials can range from kitchen counter tops to coffee tables to achieve your desired look.

The second style, Avant-Garde Chic, shines light on the more liberated nature of the French. This style is a creative, artistic twist to the conventional interior design rules. The accent colours used for this trend tend to be bright and bold, with no specific complementary tones; it is more about what visually looks good together so it is more free flowing! The key features would be statement patterns or a collection of statement pieces such as rugs, pillows, or oddly-shaped furniture.This style is for the home décor risk takers and edgy aesthetic lovers. Go wild and add all your favourite pieces into one complete master-piece, your home will love it!

Don’t feel you can use these styles in your place? Call in for a one-on-one interior design advice session with one of our professional designers to help give you the advice you need to make your house, a home!


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