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We’re going back to classics with wood and white, but who said classics can’t be altered with a modern twist to fit this spring’s latest trend? The combination of Woods and Whites can be so versatile that no matter what your style is, whether it is classic vintage to sleek and modern, or perhaps an eclectic mix of both, it will do your home justice!

White and Wood is a great solid base to any space, allowing a sea of creative opportunities to flow through, for those who want to introduce accent colors to this trend. We’re often seeing it being used with a wide range of color tones, from metallic to pastels, so don’t be afraid to take that extra décor step and add in some color!

A common misconception would be that this trend is only suitable with a beige hue of wood, but we believe you shouldn’t limit yourself, try out some other types of wood in the space as well!

Browse through, to get some inspiration where designers all over the world are incorporating Wood & White into their unique spaces.


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