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Serina and her family moved into their home 2 years ago but never felt like they made it their own. Being busy parents of 3 boys, they didn't have the time to do anything but move in. They were finally ready to make the house reflect their personality and work for the needs of their family. We started first on their dining room then soon after moved onto their basement and bedroom.




The dining room had two light fixtures that hung at awkward spots in the room.

In order for the main light fixtured to be centered to the dining table, it forced the table to be pushed to the far wall, leaving the room feeling unbalanced.


The second fixture hung to the right of the room, floating above empty space. Not knowing what to do, she placed two accent chairs under the light fixture to fill the space.


The light fixture above the dining table was replaced with an elegant chandelier that could be extended into the room, allowing the table to be pulled further from the wall.


The second fixture was replaced with a with a simple flush mount to avoid competition with the main chandelier and confusing the eye to two areas.


  Since the room is longer rather than deep, the buffet was moved to the right wall to create a better balance and more space around the dining table. 


Art that picked up the wall color and mirrors were integrated to define the style of the room.


Package Purchased: VIP Package

Time Frame: Designed in 5 days, furniture all arrived within 4 weeks and our team put the room together in 1 day.

Retailers: Wayfair, CB2

Cost Savings:

  • Incorporated their previous dining table, buffet, and blue accent chairs.

  • Made $2,000 from selling her previous dining chairs, light fixtures, and other previous furniture.

Budget:  $9,000