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Best DIY Bedroom Hacks

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is where you go to relax and recuperate after a long, arduous day. You want it to reflect a feeling or peace and comfort but you don't have a ton of money to revamp it, so what do you do? It's simple. Try one or more of these money-saving DIY bedroom hacks!

Style 1: Hooked Canopy Bed

Client Conceptboard by White Dahlia Design

Above is a concept board we created for one of our client's as part of our Light Package. She was looking to spruce up her master bedroom without breaking the bank. We created a look that mostly incorporated her current furniture to build a Caribbean vibe where her and her hubby could feel like they were on a permanent vacation. As you may be aware, traditional canopy beds can be quite pricy. To keep with the vibe in mind, we suggested a DIY alternative that looks just as beautiful!

For the first canopy style (as seen in the bottom right photo above), simply hang evenly spaced hooks along your ceiling. Then, suspend wooden, bamboo, or metal rods across the hooks and attach light, breathable curtains to the rods. This will create the illusion of a full canopy bed, without the steep price point.

Want to feel like a Greek god or goddess, nestled under a beautiful and breezy canopy? Don't let price dictate what you can and cannot afford! Instead, choose the more economic DIY approach!

Style 2: Draped Canopy Bed

White Dahlia Design

The second DIY canopy style you can choose from looks similar to the one above. Simply hang 2 long rods or dowels to the ceiling on either side of the bed, draping the sheer curtain evenly overtop. If you are worried about creating damage to your ceiling, you can use command strip cord bundles instead! Feel free to let the curtain hang down a bit more in the middle for a more relaxed look!

Refurbishing Old Furniture

Do you have some outdated dressers or tables that just don't suit your style anymore but you just can't afford to invest in refurnishing your whole home? You will be surprised with what a fresh coat of paint can do! Check out the dated cabinet in the first photo above. The second photo shows the exact same cabinet refurbished with a few coats of deep blue chalk paint! Instead of looking drab and old, the cabinet now looks vintage and très chic!

Revamping Wooden Chairs


Do you have old chairs that are still sturdy and in good condition? You don't have to replace them. A simple paint job can work wonders on old wooden chairs as well. We love the trend of adding a touch of metallic to the chair legs or spine! Doing so draws the eye in and makes the previously outdated chairs look brand new. Add a cushion or leave as is for the perfect makeup station seating!

Do you love savings as much as we do? Do you have a piece of old furniture you just don't know what to do with? Contact us and we would be happy to give you some tips! Happy DIY'ing!


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