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A Tiny Cabin Retreat

Nook Tiny House

Home Away from Home

- Refers to a location where one does not reside but one in which they feel as comfortable as they would in their own abode.

This year has been one heck of a whirlwind with what seems like endless travel restrictions, adjustments, and lockdowns. I'm sure there is nothing more we all would wish for than our yearly vacations, family trips, or anything that simply gets us away from our workstations to a remote place for a little R & R. Am I right?

In this week's blog, we will be talking about the advantages of creating your own retreat spot without having to go big. In fact, in recent years we're seeing more and more people leaning towards tiny home rentals rather than hotels. Stay tuned till the end for a peek into our very own design, home away from home.

Creating your own Home Away from Home

Foster Cottage I White Dahlia Design

There are several benefits to creating your own away from home. For us, the main benefit is creating a place to get away and escape into nature. A place that you and your loved ones can use for years to come. One of our favourite activities is glamping (glamourous camping) by a lake and surrounded by nature.

An added benefit to building a vacation home is that it can be used as a rental property for extra income or to pay for itself. Studies have shown that travelers prefer b&b's over hotels since some Airbnb's offer the full amenities of a house. However, before jumping in make sure you do your research and get the appropriate information for this investment. Depending on the property, a tiny house cabin for instance will vary in price depending on where you live. And let's not forget upkeep, renovation, and remodel costs if any. The advantages and disadvantages will be different from person to person.

Small Space Big Style

Nordic Design

If you are thinking of investing or creating your very own retreat spot, know that you don't have to go big. By big, we mean in size and overall square footage. That does mean with limited space proper space planning and thoughtful design are essential.

It's about creating the perfect balance of space and style and creating the illusion of a larger place all while making it feel comforting and inviting. With the right space planning for proper circulation, appropriate furniture size, use of artificial and natural lighting, colour and decor, you can make a big impact with a small space. So whether it's a cottage, mini-cabin, bunkie, or a shipping container home, thoughtful design is especially crucial when space is limited.

Shipping Container Homes I Pinterest

A Few of Our Picks We Love

Stylish picks for small spaces

West Elm: Urban Daybed & Trundle - Jules Expandable Table - Urban Queen Sofa Bed - Drum Storage Coffee Table - Mid-Century Mini Desk - White

White Dahlia Project Focus

A Home Away from Home @ The Lake

Guest House by White Dahlia Design

Speaking of cottage design, we are giving you guys a sneak peek into a bunkie /mini-cabin design we have been working on. It is a secondary dwelling 50 meters from the main cottage for guests that may be staying longer than just the weekend. We can't wait to see this design come to life!

Guest House by White Dahlia Design

Since this cottage is intended to be a secondary place for guests and entertainment, we decided to focus the design around that. This meant creating several social zones for groups to gather and keeping the design casual yet functional but still comfortable.

Guest House by White Dahlia Design

Another aspect we wanted to take advantage of was the beautiful views of the lake and the woods, that's why we maximized access to windows and natural light. For us, contact with nature is a very important part of creating a perfect space that enhances overall well-being while inviting us to explore the beautiful surrounding areas. The cottage offers a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces so you can choose between reading a book by the fireplace, having a fun BBQ with your friends and family on the first level balcony, or relaxing by the hammock chair while watching the sunset in the main suite terrace.

Guest House by White Dahlia Design

We love designing all sorts of spaces, and that includes your home away from home no matter the size. Big or small, glamping or not glamping we're here to help you create the perfect retreat spot. Shoot us a message if you are interested in getting started, or if you have your very own property that's in need of a little TLC or a lot! We accept the challenge! :)


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