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Charming Cottage Must-Haves


Now, who doesn't love retreating to that perfect cottage getaway to recharge and reconnect with nature? Whether you have a family cottage you escape to over the summer months, or you are dreaming about cottage plans, this post is for you. Here we will inspire you to perfect everything that automatically comes to mind when we envision the perfect cottage getaway such as outdoor dining, sunroom, and indoor space, and of course, let's not forget the absolute must campfire. Are you ready to disconnect from your screens, and reconnect with the charm of cottage decor? I know we are!

An Outdoor Dining Room

Take your dining to the next level and make use of your outdoor space. Outdoor dining is a great way to entertain while the weather permits, surrounded by all things nature, with a cool glass of fresh squeed lemonade, and beautiful place settings to set the mood.

Southern Living

You don't need a full dining set to create the perfect dining set-up. Instead, make use of table linens to get a little more of a tailored and effortless result. Allow the beauty of nature to replace your standard dining decor, and top off your table with fresh flowers.

Cozying Up the Outdoors

excluton I the cottage journal

Since most of you will probably be spending most of your time outdoors it's important to have comfortable seating so aim to look for removable cushions to cozy up on all day long. We're loving the look of this rattan lounger and french inspired dining set. For a dreamy French countryside getaway feel, dress your table in silver candle holders, lace-trimmed table cloths, and beautifully potted lavender (which actually repels those pesky mosquitoes).

Pottery Barn

Multipurpose Sunrooms

The "Muskoka room" or sunroom can be used both as an indoor dining area and just that perfect spot to curl up with your favorite book when the weather isn't at it's best.


Smaller sunrooms make the perfect setting for the perfect spot in the cabin to get cozy and hang out in. For small sunroom ideas, built-in seating along the perimeter of the room just below the windows can make you feel like you are sort of outside but still inside especially when the weather isn't cooperating. Finish off with your choice of decorative pillows for that added touch, throw pillows in varying sizes, and of course some easy to take care of potted plants like a snake plant to bring the outdoors.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Sunrooms are designed typically as a glassed-in living space that functions as an additional living area during milder weather. We're completely swooning over these to photos that show just how functional this extra "room" can be used. The perfect dreamy cottage styled image to the left incorporates an extra cozy relaxed sectional, and raw unfinished decor to finish off that iconic country cottage decor aesthetics we all love. To the right, an original log cabin with simple Scandinavian-inspired furniture for that modern cabin interior. Designer Tip: Rember to have some sort of window treatment.


Cottage Worthy Living Rooms

the cottage journal

The cottage living room is one of the other most used rooms in the cottage where most of the family gathering, game playing, hanging out, and unwinding takes place so make sure you have just enough seating and table space to accommodate the whole family. This English roll arm sectional sofa looks like the perfect place to gather or even take a quick little nap, while the chandelier and drapes aren't completely light-blocking allowing just enough light filtration. The overall motif of this living room is bright, airy, muted colors, and evokes calm mixed with an effortlessly polished aesthetic.

Restoration Hardware

The Indoor Dining Room

Cottage Interior Design doesn't always mean your typical rustic cabin look (although we're still loving that look as well). If you're more into the Modern cabin interior look take your indoor Dining Room to the next level and add some more standout modern pieces. Mix that with inspiration from the land like this gorgeous hand-finished live edge dining table.

House & Home

Modern Inspiration from the Land

Pinterest I Rue Daily

Bring that modern touch to your Dining Room cabin with standout furniture items in natural finishes and materials such as this recycled teak dining table from Structube in the image to the left, and organic rattan baskets in the image to the right. Hang a modern chandelier above your table to mimic the look of branches overhead or to just add that extra modern contrast.


Classic Campfire Essentials


Whether it's an indoor or outdoor campfire we all know how long we can sit by that cozy fire with a glass in hand, novel, or just enjoying conversation roasting marshmallows with our favorite people side by side. Much like our indoor spaces, the campfire area still requires comfortable seatings such as an Adirondack chair, cozy throw blankets, cushions, or decorative storage options for the firewood.



A Quiet Cottage Escape - A White Dahlia Original Design

Now lets this finish off this week's blog with a peek into one of our previous cottage designs to further inspire you.

White Dahlia Design

Check out our cottage design which features a muted color palette mixed with natural wood and rattan finishes, and accented with a more modern twist with the lighting fixtures. Of course, don't forget to bring the outdoors in by incorporating some fresh potted plants and flowers. This sunroom is all things bright, airy, and inviting. Doesn't this look like the perfect place to do a little reading and conversing in?

White Dahlia Design

Struggling to create the perfect cottage getaway? At White Dahlia Designs, we love hunting for the hottest trends and bringing our clients' visions to life! Contact us to get a free consultation to create your perfect cottage escape. Also, if you want a more in-depth look at how to transform your outdoor spaces, check out our previous blog. Until next time!



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