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How-To Create A Timeless Nursery


There are many advantages to a timeless nursery since it can be easily adapted as your child grows. In the Interior Design world, a timeless design is a style that will never really go out of style. It is a style and aesthetic that is everchanging and never permanent. It is thoughtful in the sense that as the year goes by, you can easily update or change the look by incorporating or switching out a few key accessories and accents. In this case, when it comes to a nursery there is no better room to incorporate this interior design style and philosophy.

From the moment mothers or couples find out that they are expecting, the nursery is one of the big to-dos. However, before you start, make sure to keep these few pointers in mind so you don't invest in furniture and decor items that can are expensive and inflexible. Here are our top 3 pro tips on how to create a timeless nursery that will grow with your child!

1. Start With A Neutral Base

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A common misconception is that the nursery has to be childlike. We believe that incorporating your personal interior design style to keep your home consistent or going gender-neutral is what keeps it timeless and less work for the future. We know it can be pretty obvious to pair pinks for girls or blues for boys, but as your child grows they will start to develop their own personal sense of style and gravitate towards certain colours.

Pro tip: One sure-fire way to get the nursery going is to start with one or two main items that you can build off of. Either the paint colour, a large area rug, or the crib itself. Opt for a neutral colour for these main pieces so that you can easily incorporate more colorful and fun decor and accessories around them.

A Gender-Neutral Nursery I Oilo Studio

Create a gender-neutral nursery by opting for an overall neutral colour palette. Play with contrast with bold accessories or a bold feature wall as shown in the image above. Finish off the look with different textures and finishes for added interest. Steer clear of suggested gender-specific colours.

Also, try to avoid any unnecessary custom built-in millwork that is tailored for the young ones unless it is designed in a way that is adaptable. This can save you money and unnecessary renovations in the long run.

If you want some further reading on paint pairings, make sure to head over here where we talk about Our Top 5 Paint Colors for 2020 where you may find some inspiration of your own.

2. Have Some Fun With The Walls!

The key to a well-designed room is the focus on the 3 areas that make a room, the floor, the walls, the ceiling. If you can balance these 3 parts of a room well then it is design magic! Once you've decided on a neutral base for your room with a large area rug, it's time to move to the walls. Have a little fun and get creative with peel and stick wall coverings or large scale wall decals. They are risk-free with being easy to remove and fun to swap out once in a while. These options can be inexpensive and have the ability to enhance a room by upping the wow factor of a bland wall.

If you more daring and want to take the wallcovering route, or if you've got the artistic touch, have fun with acrylic paints and paint your own designs for an absolutely unique work of art, like the one below!

A hand-painted mural I Cloakenhagen

Here are some of our favourite and fun nursery wall decals and where you can get them:

3. Accents & Lighting Complete the Look!

Project Nursery

This is stage is the fun part! or the icing on the cake as we would like to look at it. At this stage, it's all about layering and adding accents that will help to enhance your overall design. Don't skip this step because it's a critical factor in ensuring your nursery feels complete. Without getting decor crazy and over-accessorizing try to opt for items that have more than one purpose, and of course, it has to be child friendly.

For example, a large basket can be used as storage for nursery blankets when they are newborns and then for the many toys they will collect over the years. High-quality bookshelves will never go out of style or be rendered useless. They start with storing children's books but over time they can be styled to be a decor feature in the room. Floor poufs or ottomans are great for putting your feet up while breastfeeding and when that phase is over, it becomes fun and flexible seating for your toddler.

It's so easy to over-accessorize and purchase every eye-catching baby-related decor you may come across but keep in mind that throughout time these items will eventually end up in storage or the donate bin.

Here are some of our favourite and fun nursery decor and accessories and where you can get them:

Lastly, don't forget about the third important part of a room, the ceiling! Ceiling Lighting that feels modern is a great way to bring in a feature that will last for years to come. We love fixtures that are simple with clean lines which will work with more mature styles as your child grows. A well picked out light fixture will define a room and make it feel complete. That is again why it's part of the 3 key areas of a room, so make sure not to neglect it.

A simple yet modern pendant I Architectural Digest

So to sum it up, when creating a nursery make sure to use a timeless style ( rather than the traditional blues and pinks) with your choice of decor, furniture, and accessories to ensure the room stays flexible for the growth of your child. Remember the 3 key areas of a room when decorating, walls, floor, and ceiling. However, the real key takeaway here is to have fun while of course staying practical since newborns grow so fast! We hope you found these tips useful as well as inspiration for your next baby nursery. Again, don't forget that we are gladly here to help.



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