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How Interior Design Can Boost Your Brand

Pictured: sustainable cafe interior


“Clever design converts and changes according to need.”

Amanda Talbot, Rethink: The Way You Live

When it comes to branding, it's common to dismiss the important role of Interior Design for your company. Company branding is more than just creating a logo or mission statement. It is also about creating an environment that represents the values, and the team's morale for both clients, customers, and the people that work there. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a beautifully designed restaurant, cafe, or office interior? It's kind of like, "wow, I could spend all day here", or "I wish I worked here", or "this place is totally me!". Branding with Interior Design is an emotional connection and has the power to help your company's brand stand out from the rest. Whether it's a place to work, shop, or eat at, thoughtful design matters.

Design elements such as lighting or color and features such as decor, furniture, materials, and technology all play a crucial role and help to implement the unique needs of a successful team workspace. However, the needs of a brand will vary from one or the other. But how exactly you ask? Let us break it down for you by looking at a few of our favorite projects that prove how a well designed environment can help to boost your business. Here are our top three points!

Point 1: Stand Out from the Competition

Trillium West - Real Estate Company

Pictured: Trillium West - After

White Dahlia Design

If you're looking for cool office space interiors, check out this real estate company located in downtown Kitchener. Our client's main request was for a space that represented a cool, hip, and inviting environment for employees and passers-by. The objective was to steer away from your typical real estate offices that often lack personality. Talk about standing out from the competition!

Pictured: Trillium West - Before

The main design elements at play here are the use of space, color, and texture. The existing space contained a lot of negative and wasted space which threw off the overall balance. The scale of the existing furniture and bare white walls made the space feel less inviting and missing character. Simple is great and all, however, a pro tip is to offer different textures and finishes to keep things from feeling bland. That being said, the wonders of color use in a space is endless! and we've got a colorful blog all about it.

When you look at the before and after photos notice how the appropriately sized furniture, colors, and textures helped to elevate this business environment. Having the large adjacent wall orange helped to create a sense of excitement since the color is associated with joy and evokes happiness and creativity. The use of color and texture helped to set the desired tone they were wanting to achieve, and the technology helped to promote and inform clients.

Pictured: Trillium West - After

White Dahlia Design

Point 2: Create Team Morale & Lasting Impressions

Black Bear Auto - Auto Shop

Pictured: Black Bear Auto - After

White Dahlia Design

"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

Richard Branson

It's easy to create a brand, especially in the world we live in with constant exposure through our social media outlets. However, if you've got a team representing the ideals, mission, and values of your brand in an environment that's not set up for success then you can be jeopardizing their happiness and workplace enthusiasm. Thus, this will affect teamwork, work culture, and client the client experience. Things such as poor floor circulation, workspace set-ups, lighting, and color can affect the overall wellbeing of employees. So you see, design is more than meets the eye!

Pictured: Black Bear Auto - Before

No matter the size of space you have to work with, small changes can be made and you don't need to have a ton of money to make a big impact. The available physical space for this auto shop couldn't be easily changed to create more space, but we were able to work with what was available within the physical boundaries of the room. By keeping the existing partition layout, stainless steel surfaced reception desk, and floors as a starting base, we were able to create a modern rustic style while maintaining a sense of professionalism. With the correct sized furniture, textures, and lighting we elevated this space into a sophisticated environment memorable for both clients and employees.

Pictured: Black Bear Auto - After

White Dahlia Design

As a result, we're happy to say that 'Black Bear Auto' employees were happier in their new work environment noticeably staying at work longer to simply hang out. Moral was better in the team and customers definitely could feel that energy while seeing that the employees were enjoying themselves. So you see, great workplace culture and the environment go hand in hand to create lasting impressions for both employees and clients alike.

Point 3: Design for Business Growth

Highbrow - Beauty Salon

Pictured: Highbrow - After

White Dahlia Design

Yes, branding your business is one of the starting points for clients but you have to make sure you are offering your clients an image to back up your skills. Take software companies as an example. The iconic Microsoft and Apple brands each have a very specific design. When you go into their store location you automatically know where you are, and know what type of products you will be offered. Remember though, the brand evolved to where it is today because of what makes them unique and stand out. That being said, if you're selling a product or service make sure to back up your brand with a designed environment you can grow with.

Eventually, when you branch out with several locations, you will have design elements that work cohesively together to define and back up your brand. This is part of what will make you unique and stand out from the rest.

Pictured: Highbrow - Design Development (Stress-Free Package)

White Dahlia Design

The beauty salon inspiration is a clever mix of romantic boho. An overall soft color pallet with natural textures, floral prints, and greenery to finish the space. The end resulted more so a homey feel vs. a beauty clinic and clients love it!

Branding Matters for Success

So with that being said, Interior Design can strengthen and power your company brand in more ways than you think. Happy employees set up in a successful work environment are more productive and thus able to provide better service. A brand with a defined image helps you stand out from the rest. Just like how the interior spaces we live in help shape us, our business environments can help to represent and shape our brand.

Interior Designers are responsible for far more than simply making things pretty. We transform your needs and wants into liveable and workable environments to enhance team morale, employee productivity, ergonomics, and company growth just to name a few. A brand is what makes you unique and the environment you choose must tie into the image you want to portray, It's really all about consistency and harmony of a well-curated environment combined with all the other aspects of a successful business.

White Dahlia Design

We'll cheers to that! Please don't hesitate to reach out for a free 30 minute consultation call so we can help you boost your business with a personalized environment designed just for you!



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