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Creating a Focal Point In Your Home

Having somewhere to draw the eye is important in a great design. It keeps your eyes moving and your thoughts light. Are you toying with the idea of creating a focal point in your home, but not sure what that could look like? Listen up! We're dropping some great ideas and inspiration on making a focal point in your home.

Make Your Walls Talk

Wallpaper works tremendously well as a focal point because your eyes naturally want to settle on bold patterns and shapes. In the 60s and 70’s, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper was a staple feature in suburban homes. Fast-forward a few decades and it’s popularity began to dwindle, as it tended to give off a dated feel. Today, wallpaper has seen a massive revival, asserting itself into modern homes in a variety of fun ways.

Wallpaper is now used more as an accent feature rather than a full-out design element. We absolutely love using wallpaper to create interest in homes for our clients. Are you looking to introduce wallpaper into your home but not quite sure how? We recommend using it sparingly and with intention. The key to creating a focal point is not to 'busy' the entire room so that the eye doesn't know where to go to. Avoid going off the rails with your wallpaper and choose only one wall to install it on. Often times, the wall you pick for your wallpaper feature wall should be the one you face when you walk into the room. This will create dimension in the space as well as frame the room, like you see in the photos above and below.

Accent walls are quite popular, especially behind a headboard, behind a gallery wall, or as a backsplash to a bathroom vanity. You can even use wallpaper to line the back of an old display cabinet if you want to freshen it up and give it a unique pop. So pick out your favourite beautiful wallpaper and get to work!

If you're not ready to take on a wallpaper feature wall, paint can be used in really creative ways to make a huge impact in a room. Consider painting one smaller wall a different, bolder colour than the rest of the room. There's no doubt that the contrast will draw the eye and create dimension in the space. This dining room below is a great example of how painting one small wall can emit big personality.

Use Artwork To Pack A Punch

If a painting brings life to a room, imagine what a whole gallery wall can do when properly executed! A gallery wall is perfect for bringing attention to a space and it can transform a room from basic to insta-worthy. Whether you like black-and-white, a full spectrum of colour, or something in between, there are so many possibilities when it comes to creating a dynamic and eye-catching gallery wall. Just take a look at the images below if you don't believe us! Imagine how unfinished each space would look without the complimentary prints.

It's not always easy picking-and-choosing the right home decor, especially with the plentitude of choices online or in stores. If you're struggling to make the right choice or choose the right fit, let us know so we can help! We would be more than happy to help streamline the selection process for you! Sign up for our newsletter to get our free Blank Wall Solutions mini e-book or read our Blank Wall Solutions blog for tips on how to masterfully hang your dream gallery wall.

Let Bold Colours and Patterns Make an Impact

Nothing makes a statement like a bold and funky colour pallet. What we find often working in the interior design industry is that people tend to fear bold colours. Instead, they settle for monochromatic, neutral hues like grey and white because it's within their comfort zone.

White Dahlia Design

While it is totally okay to make subtle statements with colourful accents (vases, decorative pillows etc), depending on the room, it can pay to be bold. Amp up the funk and let your furniture do the talking with a loud and proud colour pallet! After all, fear has no place in the home. Shoo away the colour apprehension by taking a look at our latest commercial project, the TrilliumWest shop/lounge space in Kitchener (above). If you've got a bold and beautiful personality, let it shine through in your home!

Another way to make a splash in your home is by using patterns to accentuate your space. We absolutely love how the patterned tiles in the fireplace, above, drastically transform the whole aesthetic of the room. This simple touch freshens up the fireplace in an exciting way, adding character and giving the eye a place to land on.

Framing Is Everything

You have a picturesque view outside your window but aren't embracing it to its full potential. Why? Often times, windows are not thought of as "focal points." They are thought of as features with a simple function — to provide light! However, that's not their only function. In one rotation of the sun, they can completely transform the feel of a room, especially with some added help. Make the luxurious window in your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen the focal point of the room by framing it to perfection!

You can do that in a few different ways. You can add long, billowing curtains, string lights, accent chairs, or even hanging planters to your design to draw your eyes towards the window. If you have the capacity, we recommend creating a little seating area in front of the window you're featuring, equipped with a few comfy chairs, a side table and perhaps some greenery. It will make the area feel cozier than ever and increase its functionality.

We also suggest adding a fun rug and a few decorative pillows to the mix in order to provide the window display with texture and dimension. Don't just walk by the window every day. Create a reason to stop and enjoy the view! Who knows, it may just become your favourite corner of the house!

Wooden Beams For Days

We don't know about you, but exposed wooden beams are our interior design kryptonite! They instantly amplify a room design by adding an organic, nature-infused feel to a space. Often recognized in rustic designs, this element is quickly making its way into other popular interior design styles. Why? Exposed wooden beams add warmth to an otherwise cold interior and add character to a room.

Alison Jennison Interiors

Ideally, wooden beams work best on high ceilings but that's not essential. As you can see above, ceiling height doesn't matter. The living room is stunning and memorable because of the way the wooden beams tie into the brown tones of the brick accent wall. Natural finishes make all the difference for making your ceiling the focal point!

Is your home functional but lacking a little sparkle? Do you struggle with bringing interest to a space? Lucky for you, our best qualities are helping you see the potential in your space and bringing your vision to life! Our team of interior designers can transform your home and make it pop for you! Contact us to get started on a 3D design of your room!



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