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A Look at the Interior Design Trends for 2021

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If you haven't checked out our last blog post, we rounded up the top three interior design trends for 2020 based on the most requested interior design styles by our clients. As promised this week we will unveil what we believe to be trending between now and next year.

We all know how much this past year has impacted our mental health and environments, especially with doing our part to stay home to flatten the Covid-19 curve. Our indoor spaces for overall well-being are more crucial now than ever, from working at home to creating an overall environment that can inspire, motivate, and relax us all at the same time. We find that these 2021 interior decor trends represent just that. From embracing natural lighting, feng shui, ergonomics, and bringing the outdoors in, they are designed to increase our wellness.

Buckle in for a look into the trends that will take over in 2021!

Calm and Neutral Luxe

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This style embraces clean sleek lines and all the natural lighting you can get. It's sophisticated while still feeling livable and cozy. The key here is effortless luxe. We see this style sticking around especially since we all have (hopefully) spent some time in our home to reorganize and simplify the things we own. You can say this style is a little bit more of a refined version of minimalism with a mix of luxe fabrics, materials, and statement lighting.

This trend embraces a calm and neutral colour palette while stepping away from the all-white trend and introducing different shades and tones of earthy organic colours you see in natural materials. And remember, to include a little bit of contrast with darker tones vs light tones. The artwork sourced for this style is usually abstract but soft, think watercolours meets minimalistic figure drawings.

Get the Look - Key Elements

- Clean sleek lines

- Minimalism (focus on key items that have purpose and value to you)

- Embracing nature and natural lighting

- A neutral colour palette of earthy tones and hues

- A touch of statement lux decor - statement lighting, lux finishes or materials

Chloe Dominik

Embracing the Raw and Natural


I'm sure we're all too familiar with having to adjust to the new normal of our day to day lives this past year. If you are part of the fortunate group, your home has become your office, your family hangout, your date night spot, and your zen space. While others seem to be handling it pretty well or not, we get it, it's not the most ideal situation.

As humans, we have an innate connection to nature. In the design world, this means everything natural and sustainable. There is something about nature that brings a sense of perspective, calm, and relaxation. There are an increase and demand for raw materials, which we love! These details that we choose to surround ourselves with do affect us, especially when we find ourselves having to adjust to a new normal this past year.

However, despite having to adjust to spending most of our days indoors, know that these raw natural materials have a natural beauty when incorporated into your design. They bring a timeless sense of character to your space, a story to be told behind the craftsmanship and quality behind each finish, furniture, or whatever item it may be.

Natural Wood Trend, Aedriel I Terrazzo, Nonagon

One trend we are on board with lately is the look of Terrazzo! Terrazzo is a sustainable material that consists of chips from marble, quartz, granite, or glass that are bound together. What better way to repurpose material! So let loose and embrace all the beauties of nature. Natural woods, unfinished surfaces like concrete, and sustainable materials like terrazzo and terracotta.

Noi Italian Restaurant - Trend Book

Key Elements for Embracing the Raw and Natural

- Unfinished surfaces like wood and cement

- Incorporating sustainable finishes and materials like Terrazzo and Terracotta

- Repurposing handworked and weather items vs. highly finished

- Embracing tactile surfaces such as stone, raw wood, and brass

A beautiful blend of raw tactile finishes and furniture l Pinterest

California Cool and Biophilia

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This look is becoming so prominent especially as of late. In a previous blog, we've dug deep into the benefits of nature in the home and how to achieve it. Where the word 'Biophilia' itself literally meaning love of life or living things, or in other words our connection to nature. California cool design elements mixed with biophilia is a harmonious blend of the two. If you want to learn more on Biophilia for beginners head over here, but for now, let's talk about the essentials of this style.

Emily Henderson

This style is a blend of a few popular interior design styles. A little mid-century modern, bohemian, and coastal for the California cool factor. It's a little electric in a sense but a little more refined and still fairly laid back. The colour palette is overall bright, but with soft colours that reflect nature. The furniture items are a mix of organic and sleek clean lines like the legs you see in mid-century furniture and the live edges you see in rustic designs. In addition, plenty of interior plants and natural materials are incorporated into the space. This is where we see a strong connection to nature.

Key Elements of California Cool and Biophilia

- A blend of styles: Mid-Century Modern, Bohemian, Scandinavian, Coastal

- A soft colour pallet of whites, browns, tans, and muted pops of colour such as blues and greens

- Textures used in interesting ways - rattan mixed with linen or velvet

- Rustic unfinished furniture items that give a sense of story

Another major key to this style is to not be afraid of incorporating older items you may already own. Instead of feeling the need to buy everything, upcycle your dining chairs with new upholstery or switch out the legs on that dining table you have. This not only adds a ton of character to your room but tells a story.

Emily Henderson

This year is coming to an end, new styles are trending, and as always we will remind you time and time again of the benefits of a well thought out environment. Have confidence in your interior spaces because they do impact you in more ways than you think. We are here to help you on your journey so don't forget to take a look at our packages if you feel you need the guidance. Take these styles as inspiration for next year or give us a shout if you'd like to get started now.



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