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A Round-up of the Top 3 Interior Design Trends from 2020

Minimal Living Room by Kennedy Rose Interiors | Boho Living Room by Coco Lapine Design

In our previous blog, we talked about the art of interior design trends, and the benefits of defining your own style while using interior design styles as a form of inspiration and personal expression. We figured since the year is drawing to an end, we should reflect on the most impactful and popular interior design trends of 2020. Here is a round-up of the most requested trends from the past year that also happen to feature a few of our favourite design styles.

Let's dive right in.

Style 1: Bohemian - Boho Chic

Pinterest Better Home & Gradens

One of this year's style that seems to be gracing the homes of many is the free and colourful Bohemian or Boho Chic design. This style is anything but lacking in colour or personality. It speaks patterns, textures, greenery, and life into space without feeling too restricted. What we love about this aesthetic is that it's a little more playful, you can keep it low key and sophisticated, or you can go all out electric. It originated from the 60s with bold prints of florals and vintage art, retro decor, and furniture mixed in with beautiful modern pieces. I mean the word itself means gypsy in French! what is not to love?

Elements of Bohemian -- Boho Chic:

- Bold prints, florals, pattern, and colour

- Plenty of live plants

- Unique vintage rugs, furniture, and decor

Since this style is quite free-flowing with fewer rules, you can easily make it your own with just a few key pieces. Stores like Anthropology, Urban Outfitters and Etsy have a quite unique selection of boho decor. There is no rule against too many patterns with this style so mix away! If you've got a green thumb (faux plants will do the trick too), so go plant crazy.

A casual and fun boho chic living room - Houzz

Style 2: Timeless Minimalistic

House Beautiful I Pinterest

The word minimalism has to be one of the top design trends that have gained a huge following this past year and it does not seem to be going anywhere. The Minimalists define minimalism simply as "a tool to rid yourself of life's excess in favour of focusing on what's important - so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom." In the design world, this means focusing on fewer items that have more functionality and form vs. having an excess amount of items. Another aspect is the focus of natural lightings itself, and less distraction overall. So in a sense, the Bauhaus movement helped to bring this style to life.

When we refer to timeless interior design we're referring to a sophisticated yet quiet interior that feels inviting to all. The design doesn't feel over the top nor bland and boring. Again, functionality is important, and every item has a purpose. This style will work with the time and in your favour for years to come.

Elements of Timeless - Minimalistic:

- Focus on functionality, form, and purpose

- Open floor plans that are clutter-free, uncrowded, clean, and inviting

- Neutral and calm colour palets of greys, whites, browns, with a focus on textures

- Plenty of natural light

Minimal furniture and decor pieces are becoming very popular nowadays, and stores like Muji, Umbra, Ikea and Blu Dot offer a wide variety of affordable minimalist items for you to choose from.

Style 3: Mid-century Modern

Margot Bell and Dasha Ricci, Peaks & Rafters I Todd and Kristen McMillan, Ben Homes

Midcentury Modern is a popular style aesthetic that has been requested quite frequently lately. Whether it's a blend with other styles or just on its own. The style first appeared in the mid-1930s-60s. The iconic and very popular Eames chair is a true ode to the style. Midcentury Modern furniture and design are always simple with attractive clean lines and curves with no distraction or ornamentation. We love this style for its ability to easily work with almost every design aesthetic.

Elements of Mid-Century Modern:

- Natural materials such as wood

- Clean, simple, linear lines and forms

- Unnecessary details

- Dedication to comfort and practicality

- Form and function with an emphasis on the materials used

Though this style can come with quite a heavy price tag such as the Eames chair ranging from $5000-$6500, there are retailers that offer mid-century modern inspired items. Retailers such as CB2, Westelm and Wayfair provide mid-century modern items from lighting to big item furniture. You can easily create a space that is mid-century modern without breaking the bank.

Understanding Modern Vs. Contemporary

In speaking about Modern Mid-Century, we figured we would clear up one common misunderstanding which is the difference between Modern Vs. Contemporary. Many of our clients get confused by the two terms and styles.

Modern Vs. Contemporary Styles I Pinterest

This topic alone can be a whole post on its own since there is so much more history that defines the two styles. However, for now, let us just go over simple fundamentals that separate each style from the other.

Modern is a style born from the 1920's Bauhaus movement and is continuously evolving influencing designers, artists, and architects to this day. What is the Bauhaus movement? to cut it straight to the point, the movement was an art and design movement in Germany founded by German architect Walter Bauhaus. This movement encouraged students and teachers together to pursue their art in studios and workshops bringing many disciplines under one roof. This modern movement helped to bring emphasis on function before form, stressing simplicity, and stepping away from the ornate designs of earlier years.

Modern Interior Design Style: Iconic Barcelona Chair by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe 1929 Pinterest

Mie Van Der Rohe's iconic Barcelona chair speaks true modern characteristics. Its simple elegance exudes "less is more" focusing on both form and function with excellence in craftsmanship.

The characteristics of modern design are abstract arts and crafts, geometric, clean intentional lines, new materials, and no historical nodes. Today we see these characteristics fusing both functions with form contributing to one of the more current trending styles today called minimalism.

The Contemporary 1980's to today is marked by characteristics of the present period or in other words "of its time" or "of the moment". This one can be a little bit of a thinker and often gets confused for modern. A home can be both modern and contemporary but requires more specifics. Think about what makes it contemporary or "of its time currently"? For example, a 1950s contemporary modern home would mean that the home is modern but with what was current in the 1950s.

Contemporary design is timeless meaning it will never feel dated as styles are ever-changing. With similarities to modern interior design, contemporary is often seen as more calming and not overly minimal. An emphasis on clean lines, scale, and quiet drama is a true design element for the contemporary aesthetic.

Contemporary Family Room I House Beautiful

A Blend of Styles That is Uniquely You + Up &

Coming for 2021

So we've just reviewed the top three interior design styles for the past year according to what our lovely clients have been requesting so hopefully we have given you some inspiration to curate a space of your own. You may already know, our design philosophy is all about teasing out your interior design style while incorporating your own uniqueness. Take a look a the blended Mid-Century Modern with boho design we just designed for a client below.

If you are still pondering over a few questions, remember, we are always here to help! Don't forget we also have our very own fun design quiz if you are still wondering which style you gravitate towards.

To end this post off we want to remind you to have fun with design and don't be afraid to infuse your own personality while mixing other styles. That's the whole point of design right? Stay tuned for next week's blog where we will talk about the interior design trends for the year ahead!



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