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The Art of Interior Design Styles

White Dahlia Design

"It's much more about what you feel than what you see" - Axel Vervoordt

The world of Interior Design is full of ever-changing aesthetics and design styles. You continuously hear terms like Modern, Contemporary, Boho, Industrial, Transitional, but how do you know what style truly defines you? Better yet, is it important to have a defining style that is inspired through a magazine or social media vs. simply just expression of personality?

As Vervoordt quoted "It's much more about what you feel than what you see". We couldn't agree more! Interior design is more than what's visually represented and more so about our physical environments as is our own personal style. Certain colours and textures can help us feel a particular way while proper circulation and flow can make our lives more efficient. Our physical environment can influence how we feel internally so it's important to create a space that truly reflects our unique personalities no matter what interior design style we resonate with.

The Benefits of Defining Your Own Style

Mid-Century Modern/Boho Chic - Project by White Dahlia Design

There is a process when it comes to every design project, one of which we believe to be the foundation for a successful outcome. Every design project starts off with an initial consultation and a survey questionnaire we need in order to design a space that is unique to each and every client. Of those questions, we ask, "what is your design style"? For some, this question is a no-brainer and for others, they simply just don't know and there is nothing wrong with that. We've created an easy and fun quiz to help you find out and get started on the right foot.

The reason this question is asked is that it helps us designers understand you from the way you want to feel in the space. Also, understanding your design style helps us identify your needs and wants when it comes to space planning the most ideal layout with new or existing furniture. For instance, with certain styles, there are for sure standout elements that define them. The style in the picture above combines Mid-Century Modern elements with Bohemian vibes, resulting in mixed patterns, botanicals, metallics, and macrame or rattan accents.

Key elements of Boho and Mid-Century Modern Styles - Project by White Dahlia Design

It's much easier to build off a foundation when it comes to any project. Identifying your style makes it much easier to effectively source items that are both beautiful and functional so that everything has a purpose rather than taking up space in your home. Whether you have a whole home or just a small condo to work with, having a defined style will help to keep the overall flow in your home consistent. However, know that just as fashion and design are ever-changing, your interior design style doesn't have to be set in stone.

Scandinavian and Industrial Styled Living Room - Livspace

The two images above are the same living room that is styled in two different design styles. This a great example of how defining your own style can keep the flow of your space consistent.

Little Details Do Count

The small details can help to define a style. Contemporary meant clean simple, streamlined furniture. In the first image, the layout was kept open and clutter-free with an overall neutral colour palette and a few pops of colour.

Contemporary Modern - White Dahlia Design

With small tweaks in the layout and use of texture, we were able to easily move towards a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Both designs are similar, but with just small changes in details, we were able to define one aesthetic from another.


Draw Inspiration but Don't Copy

Modern Rustic Industrial - Pinterest

Our world is oversaturated with constant images, videos, and rules of what to do and not to do. It's the world we live in, and no matter how much we think we aren't influenced by this technology crazed world, we are in one way or another. We've talked about common decor mistakes in a previous blog, however, those are more hands-on. What we're talking about now is the mindset of wanting your space to look just like what you see in a picture you saw. There is nothing wrong with this per se, but in doing so you lose a sense of individuality.

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to wanting your space to look exactly like your inspiration photo is not only the fact that you lose a sense of individuality but much more to do with the extent of what designers are trained to do. Every person has a different budget, space parameters, needs, and wants so it's not as simple as it seems.

Eclectic Design Living Room - The Spruce

I know there are a ton of retailers that manufacture bulk items so we're not saying you need to be completely different and source custom made everything. We are saying that it's okay to mix and match styles when you have a foundation to build off of which will help you to easily define your own style. Draw inspiration from images and know that your own design style is uniquely yours!

The Best Rooms Tell a Story

Interior design is more than meets the eye, and definitely more than aesthetics which is often the biggest misconception. Interior design is about creative problem solving, to support the health, safety, and overall well-being to enhance the quality of life for its occupants. so how does this go hand in hand with design styles you ask?

One great way to do this is to create a personalized gallery wall that speaks to you. Choose artwork that represents who you are, travel photos or family photos that evoke feelings of nostalgia, and work this into your own personal design style.

Norsu Interiors

As we've mentioned earlier, design styles are meant for inspiration which means you don't need to follow them exactly. Have fun incorporating your own collectibles from travels, pictures, and personal favourite items. A room filled with stuff is just stuff, while a room mixed with personal items has something to say. A great way to do this is to style your surfaces with items that you love. We've created a blog all about shelf styling if you're looking for a little guidance or you're very own fun DIY.

A bright, airy, and cozy family room designed by White Dahlia Design

As we've just mentioned, the beauty of interior design is that it is there for inspiration. Interior styles are defined but that doesn't mean we have to follow them to the T. We are all unique in our own ways so have fun with creating a space that defines you. If you haven't already, or you are interested in seeing what design style you lean towards don't forget to take our quiz. Make sure to follow along or subscribe down below for future posts to better understand the trending interior design styles.



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