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Trending Color Choices For 2023

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For some time now, we have been seeing a general preference for neutral tones when making selections for decor, accessories, furniture, and wall paint color in residential spaces. This was probably due to people's search for a more calming, airy, and zen home in the pandemic years, but now, with the world slowly going back to somewhat of a normal pace we see a tendency to look for pops of color, bolder choices, and color schemes that are vibrant, unique and exciting. We selected some of the most popular trending colors for this year and dived into creative ways to use them in your space!

Every season, there are new dynamics and activities that affect our lifestyles and the way we experience the space around us. People usually use color to express emotions, but color can also have a direct effect on the way we feel. Like in fashion, trends emerge and inspire people for clothing styles, tech gadgets, or in this case, paint color selection. Every year, huge color brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr, among others, do extensive research and announce their predictions for the next color of the year, going all the way from subtle to bold and everything in between. From neutral to vibrant, these were some of our favorites:

Behr's Blank Canvas

This warm off-white is perfect when wanting to create an inviting airy atmosphere in almost every space at home perfect for people who want that clean look without the sterile effect: "Blank Canvas effortlessly offers a clean and inviting blank slate that allows individuality and creativity to flow freely. This white easily harmonizes with a wide range of hues, including neutrals, earth tones, and pastels for a charming and cozy appeal." - Erika Woelfel, VP of color and creative services at Behr. If you are looking for the perfect background shade for your walls, then this is a perfect option! You can go from neutral and minimal with tone-on-tone or earthy shades, to a bolder look with combinations of pops of color.

Sherwin William's Redend Point

If you are looking for something warm, but elegant with a traditional flare, then this blush beige is a great choice: "Inspired by the idea of finding beauty beyond ourselves, Redent Point is a heartening hue that invites compassion and connection into any space." - Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. This tone is perfect not only for interior walls but for exteriors, and furniture pieces and to pair with other earthy neutral shades, natural textures, and fibers such as rattan and wicker. In partnership with Sherwin Williams, Etsy decided to launch a collection of items that pair perfectly with this tone. You can browse some decor and accessories here.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has also released the Terra color mix forecast for 2023 new residential spaces which combine a variety of muted neutrals, blues, and reds. To explore a bit more on each of the suggested color palettes for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces you can browse through the categories here.

Dulux's Wild Wonder and Vining Ivy


Continuing with tones on the warmer side of the spectrum, we have this bright and cheerful yellow. This color is highly inspired by nature and biophilia: " It shows how living in tune with the natural world, brings balance to our busy lives, helping to create different moods in interiors and exteriors across every sector." - Dulux. This color is great to create a focal point within the room or to accentuate furniture pieces. For more ideas on how to combine this color, you can explore 4 more additional color palettes created by Dulux here:

PPG Dulux Canada has also unveiled their 2023 color of the year and even though points in the opposite direction and toward the cooler colors, we are totally loving it! Vining Ivy is a teal tone perfect for accent walls, cabinetry, or anything, really. Inspired by water, we keep seeing this nature-inspired trend among all colors of the year.

PPG Dulux Canada - Vining Ivy

Benjamin Moore's Raspberry Blush

Eric Piasecki - Fiona Duke Interiors

We left this option for last because is definitely a bolder choice and even though not for everyone, this color has interesting applications for both interior and exterior spaces. Inspired by coral and pink shades, Raspberry blush is for the ones of you who are willing to take risks and make statements. Due to its electrifying vibe, we think this color would look best as an accent wall, a statement furniture piece, or in decor and accessory pieces throughout the room. You can also pair this color with many other alternatives that will create the perfect balance!

Benjamin Moore

The Takeaway

We think we all agree on the fact that most trending colors for this year have a more rich, more traditional, and even historical flare. Maybe is the fact that lots of revival design styles have been very popular recently, or the fact that younger generations are taking a special interest in "older" aesthetics inspired by academia. Either way, we love to see how major painting brands forecast popular paint choices and how people receive these trends. If you are not too big on trends and prefer to go with your own preferences that's also great! We can help you with a few suggestions for only $200 CAD, just schedule your complimentary call here. Trends are not always on point for everyone's tastes but they are always good to understand what is popular and how to use color to our advantage!

If you want to explore more about color for your home, we recommend our previous article on 3 Timeless Color Palettes for Your Kid’s Bedroom, or if you currently have a very neutral color scheme and you are thinking of injecting some color you can explore some ideas on From Achromatic to Embracing Color. Also, it's never too soon to start thinking about spring so to get you in the mood, you can explore some ideas on Colour Schemes for Spring and Summer.

Bye for now!

White Dahlia Design Team


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