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Colour Schemes for Spring and Summer

The Nord Room

Now that we're spending more time at home, it's essential to have the space around us fit our needs, and the different moods that each season brings. For those of you who find seasonal redecorating unnecessary, we are here to change your mind! We’re firm believers that breathing new life into your space is important when a new season arrives. We’re not saying to change large furniture pieces every season, but you can definitely change smaller items without breaking the bank. This is where colour comes into play!

The new colour trends of 2021 are characterized by colours that emphasize hope, optimism and bring comfort and vitality back into our lives. We have put together 4 colour schemes that can be applied to any space and design style for the spring and summer seasons!

1. Warm Colour Scheme

Space Joy

Warm colours are the most stimulating on the colour wheel. The main colours in a warm colour scheme are red, orange, and yellow. These colours evoke a feeling of comfort and are a great way to add a relaxed and welcoming mood to your space, while also adding brightness when natural light is lacking.

When using a warmer palette, it’s very important to maintain balance in the amount of colour used in order to avoid an overwhelming feeling to the eye. Remember - the stronger the colour, the more intense the effect.

A great way to maintain balance is to use complementary colours (opposite in the colour wheel). For example, using the bright Rosy Peach paint colour from Benjamin Moore's 2021 collection, in combination with a furniture piece in a darker blue, creates contrast and tones down the brightness of the warmer hues.

You can also go in a different direction and use analogous colours (next to each other in the colour wheel), such as reds and yellows to create a rich and warmer look in your space. A good example of this is the Chestertown Buff Benjamin Moore paint in the image to the left, which is also another of their 2021 colours. Remember, when combining warm colour palettes, try to keep balance as warmer colours can quickly become too strong. For additional Benjamin Moore colour trends for 2021, explore their website here.

If you want to keep a neutral paint colour scheme and bring in warmth through furniture or decor pieces, we recommend using caramel leather or faux leather items that are timeless and elevate your room. An off-white sofa is great for a simple background tone, while accent pillows and blankets in warmer tones add excellent contrast. If you want to add texture to your design, wood is a great option - it's timeless, and brings in that natural element we all love! Here are some of our favourite pieces:

2. Cool Colour Scheme

Aliz's Wonderland

Cool colours are often regarded as calming and remind us of nature, water, and the sky. They are also easy on the eyes and can put your mind at ease. Green tones are calming and can evoke an image of nature and greenery, while blue tones evoke images of lakes and oceans. These colour choices are a great way to create a relaxing space for a bedroom or a living space. Use a light grey or off-white as a background base and bring in some greenery through plants or pampas grass for a more toned-down look. This is a great way to bring in an elegant and calm vibe to your space. Here are some paint colours that we're loving from Farrow & Ball and Benjamin Moore:

Aegan Teal - Benjamin Moore Farrow & Ball - Scotch Blue

When using a cool palette, you can add in a complementary colour like pink, yellow, or red for a bolder look. If you want a unique look, tone on tone is another option. Blue tones play very well against one another - consider using shades of light blue, navy, or turquoise together in your space. When using tone on tone, don't forget to add variety in dark and light tones, textures, and patterns, so that the room looks balanced.

3. Monochrome Colour Scheme


Based on a single colour, monochromatic spaces have various shades and tones to add diversity within a space. It’s very important to play around with tones, shades, and texture to keep your space from becoming monotonous. When crafting a design that is based on neutrals, try to keep in mind the existing neutral colours that already exist in the room, so you’re able to harmonize with them. Remember to add natural elements like stone or wood to bring warmth and texture into your room.

A great way to brighten a space is by adding off-whites to your design. Choosing the right undertones is crucial when deciding on a white paint colour. If you're looking for a warm and neutral space, select a white that has a red, orange, or yellow undertone. If you want a cooler tone in your space, then blue and purple undertones are best. There are also neutral off-white shades like the Calm - OC22 by Benjamin Moore that has grey undertones, making it a great option for a minimal look.

Calm OC-22 by Benjamin Moore

For off-whites, we always recommend painting a small portion of the wall first, and to view it during the day as sunlight may bring out some undertones that are otherwise invisible.

For a cool monochromatic colour scheme, make sure to use several shades of the same hue to add contrast. You can use a neutral off-white or grey as a background or utilize it in furniture pieces like in the image on the right.


Pro Tip: Bringing in metal accents like black or gold helps to elevate the overall look of the space! You can add metal accents in lighting, hardware, or decor pieces.

4. Analogous Colour Scheme

Melanie Lissack Interiors

As we mentioned before, analogous colours are next to each other on the colour wheel and are popular for their boldness. When putting a colour scheme together, there are many hues and shades to choose from. From cool to warm and anything in-between, this colour palette is unique, exciting, and very popular.

If you’re having trouble, you can use the 60-30-10 rule that designers commonly utilize to create a peaceful, visually harmonic balance. For example, decorate 60% of the room with a dominant colour, 30% of the room with a secondary colour, and the remaining 10% with accent pieces in the space. Working with bold colours can be very intimidating, so we suggest adding neutral shades to balance out your design. Here are some examples of pieces that would work well together for this scheme:

Now that you have a good idea of how to make your favourite color scheme work, we hope you can create them in your space! At the end of the day, we're always evolving and changing, and we truly believe that your surroundings should too! If you need some extra guidance on choosing a colour scheme or furniture pieces for your room, book a consult call with us!

Yours Truly,

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