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Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas to Suit Any Interior Design Style

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Getting the keys to a new home can be super exciting! However, it can also be overwhelming, especially when starting with a blank canvas - feeling like you have to furnish and decorate every single room from scratch. We're keeping things casual, fun, yet informative by giving you a few of our standout housewarming gift ideas. We're covering all the bases and have the best housewarming gift ideas for the practical, the trendy, the sentimental, and even the laidback homeowners. Bonus? You can also incorporate these items into your own home decor! Keep reading for the best housewarming gifts that every homeowner will appreciate!

Unique Gifts for The Practical Homeowner

The first thing you should consider for housewarming gifts is practicality. Are the new homeowners starting from scratch or do they already have a few household items and decor? This question will help you pick out the perfect gift that won't end up hidden in storage or exchanged for something else. Another consideration is their design style. Do they tend to lean towards a minimalistic lifestyle, like things bright and colourful, or do they like more personalized items?

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Practical items for new homeowners starting from scratch can include everyday household items that are used in the kitchen or powder room. If they already have a few items of their own, you can take things to the next level by getting them personalized items that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful like a decorative planter or table tray. The great thing about practical gifts is that they can at least make use of these items no matter what. A few of our go-to shops are Wayfair and Etsy.

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Stylish Gifts for The Trendy Homeowner

White Dahlia Design

There are endless gifts for new homeowners! But rather than shop for practical items, why not opt for stylish trending items you know they will love? This option is great for those homeowners that have already got all the basics at hand. Household items that are always trending in home stores are planters, lighting, throws, or wall decor. These types of items can easily be incorporated into an existing design style, especially since they aren't huge items to begin with. They can be styled in almost any room, as well as easily swapped out to change things up once in a while. Our top retailers include CB2 and Urban Barn for home accents that can work in every design style.

Pictured: stylish and trendy home decor gifts for new homeowners


Designer tip? The best way to ensure that the home accents you gift work well with the new homeowner's design style is to opt for simple neutral colours. This way you won't have to worry about whether or not these items will clash with their current items and you can be sure that they will find a spot for it anywhere in the house!

Personalized Gifts for the Sentimental Homeowner

Who doesn't love personalized gifts? Even if you'd prefer no gifts at all, there is nothing like receiving a thoughtfully personalized gift that is both practical and beautiful. These are the gifts that you know they will truly enjoy and find useful no matter what. The key to this is customization to ensure that the gift will be truly thought out.

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With the holidays just around the corner, a great way to bring that sense of joy is through engraved items, customized household accents, and Christmas decor. Shop your local farmers market or online marketplace such as Etsy where you are sure to find that perfect gift.

Pictured: personalized unique housewarming gift ideas


Mix it up! Owning a new home or moving into a new space calls for a celebration. A cute way to ensure you've got the perfect gift is to mix practical items that they can make use of along with personalized and well thought out items. Fill a stylish basket with kitchen or bath linens, candles, mini wine bottles, or a small bottled plant. The more personalized the better!

Pictured: housewarming gift basket ideas

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Our Top Housewarming Gift Picks

As just we mentioned, there really is nothing like a perfectly personalized gift! We've rounded up a few of our faves that have been on our radar lately to share with you for some further housewarming gift idea inspiration!

Sweet & Spice Candles - A Canadian made company that specializes in customized candles. This would be a perfect add-on to a stylish gift basket full of goodies. Mix in a cozy throw with two personalized candles for the perfect cozy housewarming gift.

Collective Arts Brewing - If you're looking for the perfect gift for a guy or a craft beer lover check out this Canadian brewing company that fuses creativity with craft beer! We are all about creativity and supporting the arts so we love what they stand for. Get the full package and personalize your gift with a customized beer glass like the ones below!

For those homeowners who are starting from scratch, renovating, or for anyone that's looking to give their interiors a refresh, check out White Dahlia Design. We are all about personalization and helping you achieve the perfect place that is truly unique to you. We recognize that Interior Design is sometimes considered a luxury service, however, we offer flat rate packages because we believe that great interior design should be easy and straight forward. Looking for a truly perfect and personalized housewarming gift? We've got you covered. Our interior design packages start from $200, which could be the perfect group gift for a family member or friend to make their new house a home. Take a look at our flat-rate packages to find out more and subscribe down below to get our design blogs for fresh ideas each week!



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