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We believe that having a home you can be proud of provides a sense of stability and a foundation that everyone deserves.


Our vision is to support families in need in creating that home and provide a sense of security so they can dream big.

Colleen Starz


Colleen just bought her first condo and she wanted to make it reflect her vibrant personality. Our goal was to maximize her square footage ensuring she had the functionality to be able to host large groups of friends and family for weekend gatherings.

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We have partnered up with an organization that helps families who have lost their home due to conflict or natural disaster. Sturdy green ShelterBoxes are designed to help people who have lost everything – They contain a family-sized tent that protects people from the elements and provides a safe space in which people can start to recover from physical and emotional trauma.



We recognize that size, beauty and comfort are not mutually exclusive. You can live a large life without a large home, and you can do so without being a slave to the debt.


Our founder & her family's goal is to live in and create beautiful sustainable shipping container homes to aid in the dream of living minimally. Her goal is to enable financial freedom for individuals so they can pursue more meaningful experiments in life.

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