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Our Top 3 Stylish Smart Home Technology Gadgets

Pictured: Samsung "The Frame" TV

Coco + Kelly

In today's technology crazed world there is no doubt you haven't heard of at least one of the trending home technology gadgets for the home. In other words, we're referring to the term "smart home". However, what does this mean and to what extent can these smart home gadgets actually enhance your lifestyle? For this week's blog, we've rounded up our top 3 stylish smart home tech gadgets that are suitable for just about every space and interior design style. So whether you're on the smart home bandwagon or not, keep reading for a list of our go-to's.

First Things First

Before we dive into our top 3 fav's we're going to give you a quick rundown on what we mean when we quote "smart home" since it's best not to assume everyone understands it the same way. With several definitions out there the most direct way to put it is to simply associate the term itself -"smart home" and its relation to technology. The home is equipped with devices that are internet-connected and controlled either by voice recognition or a smart device such as a phone, tablet or computer. This effectively helps living more efficiently.


These days there seems to be a continuous amount of competitors for home gadgets from appliances, security to the thermostat just to name a few. That being said, we will be focusing on what we believe to be the best smart home devices that offer the best form, function, and aesthetics. These gadgets are tried, true, and tested to not only be useful but timeless items that continuously find themselves used by many Interior Designers.

Stylish Smart Televisions

Find Your Frame

Krystin Lee

An elegant picture frame that is actually a TV. Talk about cool home gadgets! If you haven't already heard of this smart TV now you will. As designers, our biggest responsibility is to creatively problem solve. Most homeowners request a large television in their family room, a place where the family can gather for movie nights, watch the currently trending shows, a place for "Netflix and chill" on a restful Sunday evening. Hands up if this is you! Voila! This beauty changed the game for entertainment that checks off all on the list for form, function, and aesthetics! Here's why!

Pictured: The Frame TV (Frame Finish Options)


1. Ultra Thin Profile and Frame Customization - As you've just read, the TV functions as a television when it's turned on with the added beauty of a framed picture when it's turned off. The TV comes with an already black frame when purchased which makes sense since a simple black frame is often transferable to any room. However, you can purchase different finishes separately to suit your space. The Frame TV uses an ultra-thin mount that comes with the Frame which allows the TV to be mounted to the wall. This allows the TV to physically look like a piece of art!

Have fun with a gallery wall to effortlessly enhance any TV feature wall. Take a look at our free gallery wall guide here! Incorporate your own decor items such as decorative shelf items and framed art. Out with the messy looking entertainment systems and in with the thoughtful Frame TV.

Pictured: The Frame TV Minimalistic Gallery Wall

Homey Oh My

Get The Look

2. Technology - When the TV is off or in "wall art mode" it looks just like a work of art with a particular light temperature so the art is shown at the right brightness! QLED technology is Samsung's Quantum Dot technology that enriches your viewing with billions of colours so you are able to view images the way they are meant to be seen.

Casting from your mobile device couldn't get any simpler than this. With just the tap of your smartphone on The Frame, you are able to mirror your videos, music, or photos to the big screen. Talk about neat!

Pictured: Samsung Frame TV Tap View


We love what this item has to offer and believe that it is a great investment that will adhere to any design style and work as a timeless item for years to come. Are you wondering which size of the TV is best suited for your space? Get in touch with us for a free design consultation to discuss functional family room layouts.

Stylish Smart Speakers

Pictured: Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Multi-Room Speaker

Daily Digest

There are so many speaker designs out there ranging from simple Bluetooth speakers to smartphone-compatible speakers that work with your Spotify, Amazon, or google subscriptions just to name a few. But how do you know which one is right for you? Design affects your physical and mental space so why not opt for additional Smart Home Management gadgets that can also offer more convenience to your daily routine. But honestly, who doesn't love cool desk gadgets? Here's why we love them!

1. Smart Home Management - Whether it's Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, each can control pretty much any smart home device. They can all be used to control a TV, home entertainment center with a compatible TV or Appropriate hardware add-on.

Pictured: Stylish Smart Home Speakers


2. Small but Mighty - These speakers are often small but powerful. You know that saying, "don't underestimate the small things"? We love these smart speakers because they can easily be incorporated into any design without overpowering the room. They fit onto any surface as if it were a decor item and we love it!

Pictured: Condo Design with Smart Speakers

White Dahlia Design

Stylish Smart Lights

Smart lighting is not only convenient but stylish and versatile. Do remember that scene in Back to the Future where they are speaking to their appliances? Well, the same concept applies to smart lighting. You can voice control your lights to turn them on or off vs having to get up and flip the switch. Here is why we love them:

1. Ease of use - Depending on what platform you use (Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa) you can add-in your hue lights to your assistant of choice to voice or smartphone control them. You can even automate your lights to vacation-mode lighting that helps make it look like your home when you really aren't. You can control the lights remotely as well as schedule them to turn on or off according to your own schedule.

The Philips Hue feature also has a sleep and wake-up feature that is integrated with the Google platform. This is perfect for those who are constantly hitting that snooze button in the morning.

Pictured: Philips Hue lights

Meet the Hue

2. Smart Lighting Decor - lighting in Interior design is an important design element in that it contributes to how we feel in a space. It can set the mood and tone of a particular room. We love the Philips Hue lights because of their versatility to transform a room from normal to fun like this fun kid's room above.

Interior East

Our everyday lives are getting more and more influenced by technology, and smart homes are becoming more and more popular. In saying so, A smart home has many outlets that can be customizable to each unique individual as well as stylish. We hope we encouraged you to incorporate our top 3 home gadgets into your own home to fully take advantage of what a smart home has to offer.



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