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Going Nude! With Your Home Design

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In the last couple of years, nude colour trends have been very popular – not only in the world of makeup and fashion. It has also been embraced by the world of interior design due to its unique look and air of sophistication. Even though you may think “nude” refers to one specific colour, it actually covers various tones that range from oatmeal, soft pinks, caramel, sandy tones and soft browns. In today's post, we will give you some ideas on how to freshen up your space and introduce a nude palette to your home.

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The key is to create a subtly that screams elegance with a hint of edgy. Nudes are especially versatile when they're used for wall paints, textiles, art, décor, and accessories. It's a look that pairs really well with metals, off whites, and natural textures like wood and stones.

If your intent is to lighten up a room or to warm it up, the spectrum of nude tones can vary from ultra-light oatmeal, pinky blush, to even darker terracotta-like shades. Highly influenced by the Scandinavian and Japandi movements, the use of these soft shades in combination with woods and stones gained momentum to become one of the most popular trends of 2021.

Nude Does Not Have To Be Muted

The Good Painter

Typically, people tend to confuse the terms nude and muted, but there is a significant difference between both. Muted refers to colours with low saturation that have been dulled or grayed (any colour can be muted). On the other hand, nude colours are specific shades in the beige-like family umbrella. This is an important distinction to know when sourcing paint colours, furniture, and décor.

The oh-so-hated beige colour has now received a make-over to become an inspiration for softer blushed pinks, and terracotta paints to give your room a barer look. A great example of this is Behr’s announced colour of the year 2021: canyon dusk – a great option for walls, furniture, or accents that is here to stay! Also, if you haven't seen it yet, Benjamin Moore similarly issued their 2021 palettes collection, in which tones like Muslin OC-12, Atrium White OC-145, and Potters Clay 1221 are among our favourites.

Canyon Musk Atrium White OC-145 Muslin OC-12 Potters Clay 1221

Pro Tip: Finding the right way to combine nudes can be a bit tricky since you don't want your room to look too dull or flat. So, when using darker nudes on your walls, we suggest going lighter with the furniture color, and vice versa, in order to create contrast and depth. If you need some guidance on what paint finish to use, we have some very easy tips in our previous blog What paint finish should I use?

Décor, Textiles And Accessories


As we said, you can never go wrong with nude-toned furniture and textiles, it will always create that soft and feminine look we all love. There is something about its simplicity and sleekness that works perfectly for the Scandinavian design style!

Pro Tip: When styling a nude coloured sofa, we suggest adding some darker tones within the nude family through accents pillows and throws. See some of our favourite CB2 pillows and throws findings below:

Always remember to add some texture like knitted fabrics, and patterns to add some visual interest. Incorporating a variety of textiles will always look great against a solid-coloured sofa or chair. The same principle applies to your bedroom. If you are already using lots of textures and patterns on your bed, avoid using busy background designs like wallpapers. Unless of course, you are going for an eclectic style; but remember, the nude style is all about a subtle and effortless look.

Murals Wallpaper

We highly recommend the look of tone-on-tone when adding layers for a soft look ( photo above on the right). Alternatively, you can go bold by adding in an accent color like burgundy, deep greens, or deep blues. Remember that a good alternative to nude paint colour is a nude coloured wallpaper with a subtle pattern if you need to create a focal point in the room. Below are a few options for you to choose from!

Light It Up

Lighting also plays a very important role when complementing this design style! Metals like brass, gold, and black are the best options to either elevate the overall look or add some bold contrast. If you are looking for a more natural style, then we suggest bringing some jute or wicker through chairs, rugs, or lighting. These tones pair perfectly with the oatmeal and flush pinks. See below for some West Elm items we love:

Finishing Up Your Nude Palette


Remember that the philosophy behind the nude look is to create a natural, subtle, and “barely there” perception that feels effortless yet elegant. Finish up your nude look by bringing in some plants and personal touches. We always love the look of a nice gallery wall with either family photos or art. If you do family photos, try to keep them neutral by having black and white pictures (for some extra tips on creating a gallery wall, you can read our previous blog Blank wall solutions). Place some books, plates, vases, and voila! You have the perfect Instagram-worthy nude room vibe. If you decide to try this look, please tag us on your pic @Whitedahliadesign. We are excited to see what you come up with. If you need an extra hand on putting your design together, remember that you can always book a free consultation design call with us!



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