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Easy Ways to Dial-up the Coziness in your Home This Winter

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Dare I say it, we're approaching that time of year where the leaves are falling, the air is dry and chilly, and the clothing layers are starting to pile on. Yes, winter is just around the corner. Some may love it and some may hate it, but one thing's for sure is the undeniable draw towards everything associated with all things cozy. Nothing spells cozy more than a fireplace whether it's gas or electric paired with essentials such as fuzzy slippers, chunky throws, scented candles, and your favourite book with your choice of warm beverage in hand. Get your home winter ready with our easy go-to's this season.

Nothing Beats that Fireplace Feel

Power of Positivity

Studies have shown that fireplaces evoke deep feelings in people associating words like "home", "relax", and "cozy" and we couldn't agree more! However, we know that not everyone has a built-in fireplace that's why we've rounded up a few of our favourite "fake" or in other words, electric fireplaces for your easy go-to's. On the other hand, if you do have a built-in gas fireplace, we'll give you some easy ways to enhance the space for the upcoming winter months.

Pictured: Decorative electric fireplace

Home Stratosphere

If you love the feel of a real fireplace but don't have one in your home then you're in luck. Or maybe you don't have space? Electric fireplaces have become very popular since they are so cost-efficient and convenient. There are endless styles to choose from these days and the great thing is that you can find affordable faux fireplaces that will suit any space and design style. If you don't have the space for a mantel fireplace you can find either a wall-mounted fireplace to get that "built-in" look. a wall-mounted fireplace can be wall-mounted like a piece of art or flush against the wall.

Pictured: Electric Fireplaces

1. The Home Depot 2. Wayfair Canada 3. Wayfair Canada

Selecting the Right Fireplace

There are several factors you need to consider for selecting the right fireplace such as style, space, cost efficiency, and how much heat they give off. Each type has its pros and cons so it's best to consult a specialist on this matter. However, we've rounded up some helpful tips to consider before you make your decision.

The four main types of Fireplaces are:

  1. Ethanol Burning Fireplaces - These are fireplaces that burn Ethanol. They come in just about any decor style and budget. The pros of ethanol fireplaces are that they burn clean (making them more environmentally friendly) and odourless and require minimal installation. The cons are that they won't create as much heat as a gas or wood-burning fireplace.

  2. Gas Burning - Either direct-vented or ventless built-in fireplaces that use gas. They also burn more cleanly and create more heat for a lower cost.

  3. Electric Fireplaces - These can be a mantel or electric TV stand fireplace. These are generally the most cost-effective option of the four and are the easiest to install. One of the biggest pros is user customization usually allowing you to remote control the heat and fire effect.

  4. Wood Burning - It's all in the name and the most traditional of the four. There are several options for this type of fireplaces and each differs in terms of efficiency installation, cost, and how much heat they give off.

White Dahlia Design

Outdoor Fireplaces are another great option for outside living. They can add value to your home if you decide to sell it since they are functional and visually appealing. However, when deciding to place a fireplace outside you must also decide on gas or wood-burning. Gas fireplaces tend to cost more than wood-burning ones since you need a gas line, and the further away the gas fireplace is from your home the more expensive.

Pictured: modern outdoor fireplace

Mccabe House

Before making any decisions make sure to consider the existing space and structure, fireplace style, and the amount of heat you want. Get in touch with us if you want to incorporate a fireplace of your own but are unsure of what type to purchase or where to place it!

Functional Fireplace Decor Essentials

When it comes to decorating your direct gas fireplace or electric fireplaces, CB2 and Pottery Barn have a great variety of fireplace accessories to choose from. Items that are both functional and decorative all with different price points. Here are a few eye-catchers.

Pictured: Stylish Fireplace Accessories from CB2 and Pottery Barn

Cozy Vibe Essentials

Among other things, one of the questions we ask on our free consultations is, "how do you want to feel in the space?". This question is so important when it comes to interior design because interior space is not only about how it looks but also how it feels to the users. We often spend the majority of our time inside our homes for several years at a time, and with the winter months coming up I'm sure we will be spending plenty more.

However, regardless of the winter months, there are several key items and solutions that can easily be done to enhance the coziness vibe in your home. Continue reading for our top three easy tricks to creating a cozy space. Personally, this is where the real coziness vibes come in. Being able to physically touch, feel and smell elements that enhance all things cozy.

Pictured: Sophisticated Calm Neutral Master Bedroom Escape

White Dahlia Design

  1. Use of colour and texture in your environment - Soothing colours such as neutral greys, creams, and whites give you a sense of calm. Textures that are both visually and cozy such as chunky knits, furs, velvet, and wools. And let's not forget that design is everything from the ground up. A large area rug is a great way to ground a space as well as add comfort underfoot. Head over here for tips on how to pick the perfect area rug for your space.

2. Soothing scents in your environment- Our sense of smell can play a huge role in how we feel in a space. Essential oils in your candle or diffuser can carry many benefits like influence brain activity, improve wellness and stress relief. And coziness is all about leaving the worries behind and unwinding from your day. Opt for scents such as rosemary or lavender which are aromatherapy scents most often used for stress relief.

Check out our new White Dahlia Design exclusive candles in yummy scents like Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Cinnamon Sugared Donuts! Pick one up online here. Did we mention they make the perfect gift?

3. Hands-on Essentials- Getting cozy by the fire means cozy slippers to keep your feet nice and toasty, large mugs to sip on your favourite warm beverage, and decorative strings lights or lanterns to set the mood.

Pictured: fireplace lantern decor


1. Ikea String Lights 2. Structube Gold Lantern 3. Urban Barn Glazed Mug

Dial-up the coziness this winter with these simple and easy ideas. Remember you don't always need a gas fireplace to get that fireplace feel, so opt for electric wall fireplaces or cute freestanding ones if you don't have enough space. Design elements such as colour, light, and texture will go a long way to add major visual interest to your home as well as help you enjoy staying in when the weather is not it's best. If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe down below for future posts and let us do the design digging for new and upcoming design trends, topics, and everything in between.



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