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The Perfect At-Home Coffee Station

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Whether you're a coffee or tea lover there is no doubt we all love the vibe and atmosphere of coffee shops. The undeniable draw towards the scents of freshly baked goods, ground coffee beans, and of course the interior design and decor that enhances the overall experience making us want to find a spot to settle into with a warm drink in hand.

As much as we love heading to our local or favourite coffee shop, we may also find ourselves wanting to enjoy those vibes in the comfort of our own homes. The great news is that it is definitely achievable. There are simple tips and tricks to enhance the decor in your kitchen, appliance upgrades, and dedicated spaces such as a coffee station to get those coffee house vibes we love so much.

Create a Dedicated Spot

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No matter the size you have to work within your own home, the key to creating a perfect coffee station is to dedicate a spot. It can be a dedicated coffee cart or a coffee cabinet where you will store and display your coffee machine, coffee beans, decor, and coffee mugs. However, since everyone has different preferences when it comes to storage and decor, not everyone's coffee station will look the same. Here are a few of our favourite ways to create a dedicated area for either a coffee station or tea station.

Built-in or Freestanding

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This is perfect for those who like to keep things neat and tidy or out of sight. However, This option usually requires custom millwork which can be costly. So an alternative is to purchase a freestanding cabinet or bar cart (also convenient if you are limited in space). Mount some floating shelves above for added storage and decor to finish off the station, it's that easy!

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Storage & Styling Go Hand in Hand


To start, choose a base ( see the above images for examples), get creative with using inexpensive ready made cabinets and shelving options since they are much more affordable than custom cabinetry. Built-up on the base with floating shelves, glass jars, and of course your coffee machine of choice. Don't forget the most important part is styling all the smaller items such as coffee mugs, coffee beans, and cute jars symmetrically to get that magazine worthy look. We love this option since it is completely affordable and also a great customizable coffee station DIY project for the winter ahead. If you want some extra tips and tricks on how to style your shelves or surfaces head over here. :)

Get The Look

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Cafe Vibes Through Design & Decor

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As much as it is about the coffee and products sold at a coffee shop, we believe what's equally important is design and decor. Hasn't coffee tasted better in a cozy cafe?. No matter the Interior Design style that is prominent, the key to perfecting that cafe atmosphere at home is to focus on the key design elements that create a comfy and inviting experience such as colour, lighting, texture, and form. This can all be easily recreated in your own home. Here's how:

Walls: Feature walls


Good design includes everything from the floor, walls, and ceiling. There are a few options that can be done wherever you choose for your dedicated coffee stations. Depending on your set-up, some options include a chalk-board wall or even use peel and stick. We love this since chalkboard walls are pretty common in cafes. Another alternative is to use real or peel and stick subway tile which is a great and affordable option for visual texture. As an alternative, you can also create your own shiplap wall with MDF planks. The options are endless. Head over here If you're struggling with how to choose an accent wall colour.

Themed Artwork

Now we know this one may be a little on the nose but all cafes often have some sort of coffee themed artwork that gives us the classic coffee house vibe. We love it because it's affordable and it will create that finishing touch to your dedicated coffee area.

A Few Items We Love

Wayfair I Coffee Art - Peel and Stick Chalkboard - Subway Tile

Appliances and Equipment


We do love ourselves a beautiful coffee machine, however, appliances and equipment will vary depending on the set-up you have since there are so many options for built-in and freestanding coffee machines, kettles, and coffee mugs. Another thing to consider of course is your skill level and budget. Like we've mentioned several times before, great design is in the details and purposeful. Why invest in a high-end built-in coffee machine if it's just too complicated to use right?

If you want a freestanding coffee machine, our go-to's are Keurigs or Nespresso machines. If you've got the budget, opt for a built-in coffee machine. Miele has several options that are built-in or freestanding countertop coffee systems. If you like to keep things nice and simple, opt for a coffee press and kettle.

A Few Items We Love

Are you considering creating your own coffee station? Or maybe you just want to spruce up the one you already have? Make sure to keep these tips in mind or give us a shout if you have questions. Remember, even a small freestanding cabinet can do the trick without having to invest in custom cabinetry. Finish the dedicated area off with a cafe themed style, an accent wall, your favourite coffee mugs, your go-to coffee machine, and be your own barista!



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