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4 Room Designs for Putting Yourself First in 2020

The new year brings with it high expectations for positive things to come. We find ourselves reflecting on the year before, asking ourselves, "did we accomplish all that we wanted to in 2019?".

This year, whether your goals are big or small, don't forget to put yourself first! Maybe your resolution is simply to drink more water or to read all the classics you've been meaning to for years. Or maybe your resolution is to finally renovate that ratty spare bedroom into your dream craft space. Whatever the goal, make yourself a priority. For all your home-inspired resolutions, we can help!

Mindful Meditation/Reading Room

Putting yourself first is not always easy. However, it is important to take time for yourself because your health and happiness are at stake. That is why we thoroughly believe in the power of meditation. Meditation is a great way to channel your energy into something positive and productive.

You don't need a lot of space to zen-out. A cozy and comfortable corner will suffice. What you do need, however, is a little inspiration! First, choose a room with lots of natural light, where you feel the safest and relaxed. This will make your experience meditating or reading most enjoyable. Light is a powerful force in interior design and is vital for improving mental processes.

Next, choose pieces that speak to you and bring you joy and comfort. Pillows, throws, poufs, and inspired wall art are a must! If you need help creating a cohesive look, we've got you covered!

Wayfair | Saje | Amazon

We highly recommend not only focusing on aesthetics, but also on sounds, textures, and aromatherapy. After all, meditation requires a complete sensory shift. It requires changing the way you think and breathe, and respond to the world around you. Essential oils work wonders on the body and mind. However, not all oils are the same. Many cheaper brands contain scent fillers that may smell nice, but can cause headaches and lack the healing properties that essential oils have. Be aware of this when choosing your own.

Energizing Home Gym

God knows it can be challenging to motivate yourself to work out if you lack inspiration. If Ingrid Fetell Lee taught us nothing in her book Joyful, it's that oftentimes a lack of motivation is not about laziness at all, it's about a lack of sensory stimulation. Put yourself first this year by creating a space that doesn't make you think of work. Create a space that inspires and energizes you.

Some home gym staples include a few of your favorite fitness machines, free weights, workout accessories (bands, blocks, mats etc), a large full-width mirror, and inspirational art. The later may seem unnecessary, but having a place to focus your eye is important.

When you feel that lack of interest set in, art can draw you in and give you the boost you need to keep going. Art does not have to include motivation workout sayings. It can simply reflect the things that you love. For instance, take a look at the framed animal gallery wall above. The animals are quirky, fun, and high-energy — just as you aspire to be! If you are looking for the perfect paint colour or decor for your home gym, don't hesitate to reach out for tips.

Motivating Home Office

It's not always easy working from home. It can be tricky to maintain focus when you lack inspiration around you. Ask yourself what drives you and infuse your office design with those drives. Maintain a cohesive and organized look so that your mind can concentrate on the things it needs to, and not on the things it doesn't. Before you hit the stores, plan out your office layout and the look you are going for. This will save you money and time in the long run.

The key to finding your focus is surrounding yourself with things that don't distract you from your work. We recommend selecting paint colours with blue, orange, or green undertones because they stimulate concentration and productivity. It's easy to become distracted when you have too many obstacles within your workspace. Organization is imperative when it comes to preventing distractions. Invest in some solid storage baskets to eliminate clutter, and labeled folders to organize loose papers.

Inspiring Craft Room

What we find often is that people lack a creative outlet at work, causing them to feel uninspired in their day-to-day lives. Life is not all work and no play. This year, create a balance between the two and make time for the things that drive you creatively! A craft room is a perfect space for letting your imagination take flight.

When designing your very own stunning craft room, remember to create a free-flowing layout. There is nothing worse than running into corners while handling sharp scissors! Leave ample space to move around your workstation without feeling overwhelmed or claustrophobic. Good lighting makes all the difference for preventing eye strain.

Add personal momentos or a mood board to liven up the space and make your craft room feel like your kingdom away from the chaos. We love the idea of installing a cork or magnet board in your line of sight. It not only keeps you focused on the project at hand but also motivates you to keep creating! Our #1 tip? Be playful. There is nothing drabber than an uninspired craft room.

If you are constantly saying to yourself "maybe next year" or "I shouldn't spend money on a project right now," now is the perfect time to put yourself first for once. There will always be important things to tend to, but they shouldn't overshadow your own happiness. At White Dahlia Design, we make it super easy so you can get back to your daily hustle. Contact us to get started and make your 2020 home goals a reality!



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