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Which Interior Design Style Are You?

What style are you? Read through all 13 to feel inspired.


You live by the mantra, elegance never goes out of style. There is an air of sophistication to your interior design look, created by the warmth of your European-inspired sensibilities. Solid wood furnishings, classical art, and antiques speak to you on another level. You appreciate comfort and symmetry in your home. Some may consider you outdated, but there is a reason why you are still around!

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Country Farmhouse

You live by the mantra, manic for organic. Your interior design style is void of any pretension. It is warm, inviting, and rooted in modern rustic charm. You hint at pastoral simplicity but do not shy away from natural textured fibers, like wool and rattan. Clean lines, white walls, metallic and wooden accents are your jam. Don't let them fool you, you are anything but boring!

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You live by the mantra, less is more. Your interior design style is rooted in practicality and simplicity, so there is simply no room for clutter in your home. You love a sleek and modern feel, with clean lines and warm layers, accompanies by bright walls. You will simply never go out of style!

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You live by the mantra, luxury makes the world more enchanting. Inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood, your interior design style is nothing if not glitzy. Crystal chandeliers, rich velvety fabrics, and clean silhouettes make you feel like a million bucks. You are certainly not afraid of metallics, pops of colour, or bold accents in your designs.

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You live by the mantra, raw and fuss-free is the way to be. Inspired by the look of warehouses, factories, and lofts, your style is infused with organic materials and furnishings. Wood, exposed bricks, and rich metals are all common to your aesthetic. You have an eye for the urban, with unique textures and light fixtures making their prominent appearance. Although your look can seem stark at times, your comfort is never a question up for debate.

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Shabby Chic

You live by the mantra, embrace the serendipity. Your interior design style is made to look and feel like a happy accident, one where all the haphazard pieces seem to fit together harmoniously. Pastels, light floral patterns, and eclectic trinkets are prevalent, giving your room quite a feminine feel. You thrive on bright neutral tones and beautiful vintage inspired fabrics/furnishings. It is clear you are not afraid of marching to your own drummer!

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You live by the mantra, there is beauty in balance and simplicity. Reflecting on modern art movements, your style derives inspiration from Scandinavian designs and architecture. Your interior design style focuses on function and warmth above all else. Earthy hues, such as rusty golds, browns, and greens, contribute to this warmth by removing starkness found in other designs. Modern designs tend to favour straight lines over curves, and natural materials, such as wood and leather. You definitely don't need any fluff to make your room beautiful!

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You live by the mantra, embrace the present. You find comfort in an ever-changing world and love to be a part of that change. If a particular style is gaining traction in the here and now, you are on that bandwagon, incorporating that style into your design effortlessly. You are not afraid to stand out, embracing curvy lines, bold metals, and stark colour pallets into your look. If there were one word to describe you, it would be trendy!

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You live by the mantra, nature is how we connect with the world. As such, your interior design style incorporates lots of shapes and textures found in nature itself. Materials such as hemp, wood, leather, sheepskin, and wool are all at the root of your design, creating a very warm, homey, and clean look. You favour simplicity, but that does not mean you do not like a little pop of metallic here and there.

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You live by the mantra, charm can be found in nature. Organic elements, such as exposed oak beams, leather, and natural fibers are at the heart of your interior design style. While some designs touch on these elements, your design embraces them whole-heartedly from start to finish. Checkered fabrics, chunky knits, and cozy blankets make up this look, adding a relaxed vibe to the room. Now all you need is an open fire and you're all set!

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You live by the mantra, let your spirit run wild and free. Bohemian refers to someone who is unconventional and artsy, someone who essentially isn't afraid to take creative risks. Therefore, when it comes to your interior design style, you play with all the textures, patterns and colours of the rainbow. Warm, earthy hues are at the heart of your design, layered with rich, textured fabrics, funky patterns, and a healthy dose of plants to brighten the space.

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Mid-Century Modern

You live by the mantra, don't be so stuffy! Inspired by the post-WWII era of the '50s, '60s, and '70s, your interior design style focuses on optimism and simplicity. Furnishings are more practical in nature, with a fresh retro twist. Your look is made up of bright colours, abstract prints, clean silhouettes, and a lot of personality!

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You live by the mantra, life is brighter by the sea! Your interior design style ultimately focuses on one goal in mind: relaxation. In theory, living by the coast should evoke a feeling of calmness in your life, so why not mimic that feeling in your home? Nautical inspired, your style primarily utilizes whites, soft blues, golds and of course, stripes. It is airy, sophisticated and clutter-free, with organic elements at the forefront. Sunshine has the power to expel bad energy and melancholy moods, therefore, natural light is your magical elixir.

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