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6 Home Office Concepts To Swoon Over

Entering your home office shouldn't make you feel like you are entering Alcatraz. It should be the place where you go to feel inspired. Your mind is your most powerful asset, so why not create a space where it can roam free? Get those creative juices flowing with one of these funky and fresh home office designs.

One Room, Two Ways: Feminine VS Masculine

White Dahlia Design |

Having a space to call your own is essential, especially when you are a mother of 3 rambunctious young boys! Our client, Serina, came to us because she felt like her whole house was being taken over by male energy. All she wanted was a space she could call her own, a space that felt more feminine and could inspire her to do her best work. She already had a good framework going, but was missing that wow factor.

We added a few stylistic elements like paintings, a lively pink rug, and little decorative bookshelf accents to tie the desired look together. We also added baskets and picture frames to hide all unsightly cords.

Feminine isn't your thing? Try a more avant-guarde or masculine look, incorporating richer tones and fabrics.

Funky Shared Home Office Spaces | Pinterest via |

We get it, commercial office spaces are not cheap. If your job allows you the freedom to work from home, take full advantage! The above office designs are perfect for new entrepreneurs who are building their business. The double chair designs allow partners to collaborate on their bright ideas in an inspiring shared space. Do you have an unused basement? Transform it into a stylish office space to meet your needs and maximize on your homes potential.

Stylish Multipurpose Rooms with Offices |

Don't have a full room to work with? No problem! Transform a bedroom into a multipurpose room. It can be as simple as adding a compact desk to the corner of your room, hanging some beautiful and bold prints, and accentuating the space with lively plants. Or you could go the custom route (above, right) allowing for more storage capabilities. The second option is a stunning choice for a shared bedroom if you wish to attain a more gender-neutral look.

White Dahlia Design

The same idea can be applied to a living room design. Above is a design we created for one of our clients that shows how you can break up a room to increase functionality and maximize space. Placing a desk behind a sofa is great for many reasons.

First, it divides one room into two parts: the office and the living room. Second, it allows the desk to act as a secondary side table in the event of a gathering where treats or beverages are offered (Superbowl or girls night come to mind). Third, when crafting or working on projects that takes less concentration, the front facing direction of the desk allows you to watch TV while you work. Now I'd say that's a win!

Heavy Storage Home Offices | White Dahlia Design

If storage is an issue for you, consider investing in some floating shelves and/or baskets. They can really make a huge difference when it comes to decluttering a home office. We love the design above (left) because not only is it tres chic, but it also shows how you can add storage to a room without the use of typical sliding drawers. Floating shelves can be used for smaller, more decorative pieces. While giant rattan bins can be used for larger objects, such as binders and files.

The second design (right) works well if you have a little more square-footage to work with. Do you have a prominently bare wall that you don't quite know what to do with? Set up a large storage unit and accent it with your favourite nick-nacks. Add bins to hide all your cords and office supplies.​

Elegant Small Office Nooks |

Don't eliminate the prospect of creating a stunning office just because you don't have much space. Check out the amazing small office nook designs above for inspiration! Do you have an unused corner under your stairs? Transform it into the cozy office nook of your dreams by adding a small desk and utilizing your wall for storage.

Creative VS Professional: Home Offices for Client Meetings |

Does your career involve meeting with clients? Bring them to you without them thinking you don't have all your ducks in a row. Whether you have a creative career (interior design, photography) or more of a professional career (law, accountanting) you can still create a home office that both impresses and represents your company image.

Dreaming of having a quiet place where you can escape to, craft, meet clients, or work on that new book? Contact us to get your home office ready!


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