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Creating Your Own Hermit Haven

Huddling up with a book in a favourite spot and letting the coziness take over, is one of our favourite things to do. Therefore, we thought it would be fitting to share some of our favourite lounge ideas with you. So get out your favourite book, put your feet up and get ready for some much needed R&R!

Entertainment Unit: The Book Lovers & Movie Junkies Dream

If installed properly, a full wall entertainment unit can be just what you need in order to transform your bare living room or basement into the hermit haven you seek. Just make sure the materials you use are of high quality. There is nothing worse than installing a poorly manufactured unit, only to discover it does not have the capacity to hold the weight of all your books, movies and nicknacks! Have an awkwardly sized room you want to furnish, go custom! Contact us — we have the perfect carpenters in mind!

Cozy Reading Corner

We absolutely love this reading corner design! It is so full of colour and life! Playing with a mixture of fabrics and textures, it really gives off the feeling of comfort and luxury. From the plushness of the suede chair and foot stool, to the roughness of the rug and pillow, your senses are never bored. Set against a neutral wall, with momentos and books in close proximity, the chair really draws your attention, calling you to sit and relax.

Fireplace Wind-down

Basement Design: White Dahlia Design

Who doesn't envision relaxing by the fire, with a glass of wine in hand, after a long days work? We know we sure do! There is something so alluring about reclining on a comfy couch and nestling between some fluffy pillows as the fire warms you. Hermits beware: you won't want to get up!

Conversation Pit, Conversation Starter

A relatively recent trend includes installing a conversation pit in an area of the home. Whether you like to chit-chat with friends or prefer the secluded life is irrelevant — these conversation pits are a hard must! Light some candles, make some tea and veg out! Just make sure to keep the fabrics away from any open flames.

Are you an introvert or simply someone who prefers the quieter luxuries in life? Revamp your home with White Dahlia Design! Get your snug dream home in just 5 days!


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