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How to Get the European Feel in Your Home

Traveling is more than just sipping piña coladas on a beach and passing through ornate buildings. It is about learning, exploring, and truly embracing somewhere so different from home. After our travels many through Europe, we found ourselves reminiscing about the various cultures and interior designs we encountered along the way. We are eager to share them with you!

Italian Comforts |

Italy is known for more than just its fresh pasta and tasty Amarone. Solid, dark furniture is still a staple piece of the architectural pie but with a new modern look. It's not the clunky ornate furniture that you associate with the old world. Modern designs favour a more sleek look, with clean lines and a preference for more neutral black and white tones.

Whether you like the old or the new, both contain some of the same features. How do you create the feeling of Italy in your home? By adding pieces that scream luxury; rich layers, and lots of marble and stone!

Austrian Minimalism | White Dahlia Design Founder |

Reminiscent of the Scandinavian regions (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Austria shares a similar minimalistic approach when it comes to interior design. Carefully selected pieces make up each space, allowing special characteristics to stand out. Large, open windows are common features in Austrian homes.

In order to create the Austrian look in your own home, first start with a good declutter. Determine what you need and give away what is taking up unnecessary room in your home. Then, find pieces that speak to you and add value or joy to your life. Although this style is void of many objects, it is far from bare. Colour plays a large role in Austrian interiors, so don't be afraid to play around with colours or bold fabrics.

Portuguese Flavour

This beautiful city is known for its cool, unique style. Everywhere you turn there are new things to catch your eye. Colour are as plentiful as the wine. Even the beatdown brick walls seem to add character to the rooms and streets.

Want to infuse your home with the flavours of Portugal? Don't be afraid of adding bold colours and using a variety of textiles. Check out the mesmerizing street art in the photo above for inspiration!

Hungarian Glitz

Via Pinterest from top left to bottom right: | | |

Hungary, and more specifically, the capital city of Budapest, is so full of life. The architecture and interior design elements are breathtaking. Soaring arches can be found around every corner, often alongside many gold accents! Fine art and luxurious soft-pink marble are common features as well.

While you may not have large arches in your home to replicate the Hungarian style, you can most definitely get the Hungarian feel in your home with just a few staple decor accents. Embroidered pillows, rich in colour and texture, and the traditional kalocsa flower pattern are a must!

Do you reminisce about escaping to Europe daily? Start by brining a little bit of European charm to your home you have always dreamt about. Follow the tips above or contact us for help today!


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