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4 Functional Kitchen Designs

Finding your dream home isn't always rainbows and butterflies —it's compromise. Very few homes on the market have all the features that you would envision in an idilic home before taking the investment plunge. Nonfunctional kitchen designs are at the top of that list. Many of our clients come to us because they love their home but are tired of encountering obstacles in their kitchen. They want their kitchen to compliment their lifestyles, not make their lives harder. Below are some kitchen ideas that can add functionality to your existing home!

All-In-One Food Prep Station

There is virtually nothing more annoying than chopping up slimy meats or fruit, only to realize that your hands have a long ways to travel from the prepping station to the garbage or compost bin. You know that anyway you try to outwit disaster, disaster will come. It will take the form of a mighty drip trail or a sloppy smeared handle.

Limit disaster with a built-in cutting board, compost, recycling, and garbage bin roll-out drawer! Make sure you install it below where you do the majority of your meal prepping, so that you can just brush the food remnants into their desired bins.

Wine Fridge, Winot?

This tip is for all the wine lovers out there! Do you have a space that is virtually unused in your kitchen, such as a small corner unit like the one above? Install a beautiful wine fridge and transform it into a drink pouring station! It is the perfect way to capitalize on unused space! A wine or beverage bar also works wonders in an island.

Double Dishwasher Trend

We all know how time consuming washing dishes can be, especially for those with large families or a thirst for hosting parties! More and more families are opting for installing two dishwashers in their kitchen islands as a result. Stop stressing about the unmanageable aftermath that follows a night in. Plus, there is sometime so nice about symmetry, isn't there?

Create An Open Concept Kitchen

White Dahlia Design

Recently, a client came to us with a dilemma. She bought a beautiful home but her kitchen was not functional due to it's small, awkward size. She wanted to tear down a wall to expand her kitchen but couldn't quite imagine what the end result would look like without the wall there. She was hesitant to take the plunge, without first knowing if it was what she had envisioned. Therefore before investing all that time and money, our client came to us for help. We provided her with a 3D design from all angles, so that she could have a better idea of what to expect and show her contractors exactly what she wanted done!

Do you have a similar dilemma when it comes to your kitchen? Not to worry. We would be happy to draw up a 3D design for you, allowing your contractors to know exactly what you want prior to lifting a finger! Homes are large investments; so why not see the end result now and avoid regretful decisions along the way? Your dream kitchen awaits —contact us today!


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