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Stress-Free Kitchen: Decor & Storage Ideas You'll Love

You start your morning there alongside a cup of freshly brewed coffee. You prep your nutritious lunches and dinners there. You joke, laugh, and dance to your favourite beats there. From time to time, you even host your loved ones there. Your kitchen becomes the central hub of your home, where all the lives within collide for a few precious moments each day.

Don't let those beloved moments turn sour, curdled by moments of stress and frustration. We can help! Check out the helpful kitchen decor, storage, and meal prep ideas below for the stress-free kitchen of your dreams!

Lively Kitchen Nook

While neutrals are always the safer choice, don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone from time to time! Try incorporating pops of fun colours and patterns into your kitchen design to liven it up! What better way to wake up from the case of the Mondays than by walking into an exotic looking kitchen?

Extended Prepping Station

Small spaces call for ingenuity! Does your kitchen lack the necessary counter space to properly plan out your meals? Invest in some nesting furniture like the island above! It can fold in when you need more foot traffic room, and extend out when you need more food prepping room! A win-win!

Out of the Box Wall Decor

Who says your charming wooden cutting boards should only have one purpose? Instead of hiding them away in your cupboards, hang them up creating your very own rustic gallery wall! This will save cupboard space for other kitchen essentials. Also try this with decorative trays or pans!

Organization Wall

Do you find that your kitchen is quickly becoming the dumping ground for all of your mail, receipts, reminder notes, and favourited recipes? From personal experience, it can become quite overwhelming coming home to a cluttered kitchen counter when you are about to start prepping dinner! Instead of shoving everything in a drawer, create a kitchen organization wall! That way, all your reminders and meal planning ideas are in view!

Kitchen Storage Solutions

One of the biggest issues homeowners face in their kitchen is not enough cabinetry space! Sometimes, one size does not fit all! If you find this dilemma stressing you out at home, there are ways you can fix it! One solution is to re-do your kitchen. As you can imagine, this can get quite pricy. We would recommend opting for option two: installing some new space saving drawers and shelves within your current cabinetry!

Interested in learning about more ways to create an optimal kitchen design? Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we will be showcasing a kitchen project we've recently been working on!

Leave the stress behind —joke, laugh, dance, and meal prep until your heart is satisfied! Need help living the stress-free kitchen life? We have a package for that! Click HERE to explore all the package options we offer at White Dahlia Design!


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