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The Top 4 Decor Hacks for your Small Condo

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With the current state of events, I'm sure most of us may be forced to work from home. Regardless of what our work situation may be, we now have all experienced how important it is to have a home that works for your needs. Create a sense of calm and functionality with our top four solutions and decor hacks for small spaces. If you're all about stylish storage solutions we've rounded up a few of our favorites here.

Multifunctional Furniture

Small space living means multifunctional furniture with hidden compartments and this is key to a well-executed and thoughtfully designed compact space. The best tip we can give you for small spaces is to keep the overall look and feel clutter-free so the room feels open and inviting. You may not have enough room to hide away work papers, laptops, or all your nicknacks so this mid-century modern convertible coffee table is a great option to separate work and play when you only having your living room to work in.

West Elm

If you don't have the space for a standard-sized desk, another great furniture item with multiple options are these coffee tables below that function as a coffee table, storage, and lift top desk.


Condo living room seating areas are all standard in size and are limited to certain furniture layouts that allow for the use of smaller-scale furniture items. This is where designers are trained to pick the appropriately sized furniture to function in your space. Take a look at these transitional storage-friendly seating options.


Furniture Size and Wall Mounting

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Often, condo's are pretty narrow which doesn't leave us much room to work with. However, sometimes this can be best since it allows you to only have what is necessary. However, this also doesn't mean that small space only suits small furniture and decor. If done correctly, larger furniture and decor can actually make a room feel larger than it actually is. When faced with a smaller seating area step back from traditional entertainment units and aim for either a narrow console or a wall-mounted console for a little extra breathing room. The great thing about a wall-mounted option is that you can utilize the space underneath for ottomans that also serve as extra seating options for guests.

Again, don't forget to opt for options with concealed storage so you don't have all your belongings out in the open if you tend to own a lot of things. Another tip we would recommend is to invest in a TV mount if you can. Having your TV mounted will give you an overall cleaner look, as well as create extra space on top of your console for your own decor items to display. For an in-depth look at how to style surfaces, take a look at our shelf styling blog where we delve deep into shelf and surface styling. Designer tip? look for pieces that don't look "too bulky". Clean and streamlined with plenty of storage is the way to go.

Top: CB2 I Bottom: Wayfair

Wall-mounted shelves are a great alternative to add some extra storage without having to purchase a full-sized bookshelf. Mount them above a toilet, your mounted tv, or desk. Take a look at a few of these ideas that make use of the wall for added storage and display benefits.

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Small Space Layout Configurations

Small spaces do not mean you're completely limited to a functionally aesthetic room layout. With the correct sized furniture and decor, you can create a space that can have multiple purposes for work, play, and even rest. It's also important to create and define zones that seamlessly flow from one area to another. Make sure to incorporate greenery either real or faux to bring some life into that space as well, that way it won't feel like you're cooped up.

White Dahlia Design

Take this long and narrow condo for example. The space needed to be able to function as both a place of rest, work, and entertainment for friends. We utilized a dining table to also function as a work desk. The table could be pushed up against the wall when four people aren't seated and pulled out allowing just enough circulation for a dinner party. As mentioned earlier, we decided to wall mount the TV above a narrow console to allow enough circulation in the seating area. Floating shelves are hung above the wall-mounted TV for extra storage and a large mirror above the dining table to create an illusion of a larger room.

CB2 I West Elm

There are several unique ways to layout a condo. If you've got a studio space consider adding a room divider to sperate your sleeping, living, and kitchen areas. The divider serves as a privacy wall without an actual enclosed wall. Look for one with a storage option for an extra bonus. If you still don't have room for that, opt for a ceiling track curtain which will still give you that privacy you need as well help to visually separate your private and public areas.

Pictured: More small condo living ideas.

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Work & Play Living Room - White Dahlia Originals

This living room space needed to function both as an entertainment area for guests, as well as a place for hanging out. A pub-style table was added behind the couch for an extra work station since our client wanted to comfortably work and watch TV. The table also provides an extra surface for entertaining guests.

Maximize your small spaces for functionality and style. If you're having trouble trying to figure out how you can make the most out of your small spaces, please feel free to reach out for a free consultation so we can help you create a space you love regardless of the size. We are here to help and we look forward to transforming your condo into a place you want to spend all your time in!


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