4 Small Space Decor Hacks

I need more space! This is a statement heard all too often from homeowners and renters alike. However, sometimes it is not about how much space you have, but how you use that space. Do you find yourself tripping over your shoes, blankets and books, or find yourself stacking more and more dishes on your quickly disappearing countertops? We made it easy for you by finding inventive solutions to the frequently encountered storage and tidiness issues encountered by homeowners. Make your home into an intricate piece of art using any or all of these 4 beautiful designs:

Hooks Are A Woman's (Or Man's) Best Friend

Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece by installing simple hooks under your cupboards. The gold ones are our favourite! They add a certain aesthetic appeal, are practical, space-saving, and they offer a unique solution for displaying your favourite mugs!

Blanket Organizing Ladders

Do you love the look of your cozy blankets but hate having to hide them after you are done using them in order to maintain some semblance of a clean home? Blanket ladders are what you need! They can be quite inexpensive to buy, but if you want a fun and simple DIY project, you can make one easily yourself. In addition, these ladders organize your tousled

blankets, adding sophisticated charm to any room. What's not to love?

Headboard Book Cubby

You do not need a massive bookshelf or an awkward side-table getting in the way of your sweet reading experience. Make your headboard into a small storage space for your most treasured books or small nicknacks. This look is perfect if you lack space, but still want to display the items that are most precious to you.

Book Nook & Storage Bench

Do you have an awkward, unused space under your stairs that you have no clue what to do with? Turn it into a cute nook for lounging and relaxing! This nook can quickly de-clutter other rooms in your home by allowing you to transfer misplaced books, blankets, pillows, and other bulky items into a beautiful space that has the potential to have a greater purpose. Install bookshelves and even stowaway shelves under your seat cushions for some additional storage!

You do not need a tone of space to make your home feel tidy or luxurious. All you need is a plan, some strategically thought out home decor items, and a creative flare to execute your designs. We can help you with all three! Contact us for inventive solutions to any of your home related dilemmas.





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