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From Tacky to Tasteful: 5 Fabulous Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is arguably one of the most exciting times of the year in the decor world. Often times, Halloween gets a bad rap as being the "tacky" time of year, with it's gaudy spider webs and talking skeletons. However, it doesn't have to be!

The chance to mix spooky elements into your normally simple home designs is, let us say —a thrill! Here are 5 tips on how to turn your home into a Halloween masterpiece:

Spooky Couture


This look is for those who aren't afraid to accessorize and try something a little outside of the box! The antique forest green chair featured, is exactly the type of staple piece necessary to catch the attention of your trick-or-treaters or guests. Add some antique cages, feathery black boas, leather-bound books, wooden letters, and an array of pumpkins for a truly unique and mystical look. If you are willing to brave the chilly fall weather, you can also use this setup as the perfect backdrop for your candy distributing routine!

Enchanted Staircase


Want something cute and simple rather than spooky and elaborate? Shock with simplicity! All you need is candles, various sized and coloured pumpkins, leaves from your yard, and a pumpkin carving tool to create this eye-catching look. Carve out some simple shapes and you are set. This staircase is what dreamy Halloween nights are made of.

Glitter Me Mantle


Struggling to decorate the inside of your home for Halloween or looking for a fun project to do with your kids? This design is perfect for a mantle, desk, or dinner table. Choose colours that compliment your individual style. If you prefer neutrals, go for blacks, greys, and whites, like the decor featured above. Spray on some sparkles and add some luscious greenery and your look is complete.

Diamond In the Rough Skull


This diamond crusted skull is one way to surely turn heads this season —and for all the right reasons! It morphs something that is viewed as tacky and spooky into something that is bold and hauntingly beautiful.

Sweet Mysteries Wreath

Source: - TheShabbyWitch

Let the first thing people see before they enter your home be something that visually mesmerizes them. This spooky yet elegant wreath does just that! It brings together traditional floral elements and mixes them with dark elements to create a little bit of mystery and allure.

Try any or all of these 5 tips to transform the interior and exterior of your home into a Halloween fortress you want to be trapped in until next fall! Make sure to take advantage of your free 15 minute advice session with one of our designers, who would be happy to answer any Halloween or fall related decorating questions you may have.


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