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Zen Every Day: Designing Soothing Spaces

Villa Massilia

Our job as designers and decorators goes far beyond making your space beautiful. The overall physical and mental wellbeing of our clients are major factors we give special attention to. What we look for in our homes are rooms we can feel inspired in; a place to feel at ease to be ourselves.

We want to help bring Zen into your environment, to make positive changes to boost your happiness and inner peace, but... what is Zen? When we talk about Zen, we refer to an overall feeling of calmness and relaxation. Think of it as a state of mind, a lifestyle, and a concept that goes beyond just meditation.

Keep reading for some of our top tips for creating peaceful and Zen spaces!

A Balanced Background

Design by White Dahlia Design

You may have heard about the many impacts and benefits of colour psychology, and how applying certain colours to a space can change our reactions and feelings in both positive and negative ways. Colour truly has a huge impact on our emotions and physical well-being.

Did you know certain colours can affect your heart rate? Yellow can make us feel happy, oranges and reds can energize us, and green can help with concentration. Colour is a powerful design tool, therefore knowing when to apply certain colours can make a world of difference in a space.

Stones and Walls Doré

The background colour you choose for the walls in your space creates a starting off point that will help to cohesively pull everything together. A lovely neutral wall paint is a fantastic choice when designing a Zen and peaceful room. Keeping on-trend with off-whites and warm, light neutrals is a great idea as they are very popular in furniture design, décor, and fashion. Keeping your walls a blank canvas allows you to freely customize the space!

Check out these colour palettes featuring top-selling neutrals and off-whites by Benjamin Moore!

Introducing Natural Materials

Design by White Dahlia Design

Nature is one of the most inspiring resources we have, and one of the most soothing elements we can bring into a space. Using natural materials can often be a more sustainable choice and can positively impact our wellbeing, as organic patterns and textures are known to generate a peaceful atmosphere through touch and sight.

Wood is a beautiful way to add warmth and coziness to a room. For a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, try incorporating cork, jute, and wicker for added texture. Don’t forget about the beautiful variations of natural stone for your flooring, countertops, and structural elements. Also, consider materials like linen and flax when selecting your window treatments.

Goszcz Design Studio Arthur Casas

Simple nature-inspired décor such as plants, stones, or driftwood are perfect for adding visual interest and organic lines.

Adding Statement Lighting

Lighting, both natural and artificial, is a key element that enhances our wellbeing and provides a welcoming and pleasing aesthetic. The proper lighting will help you effectively function in your home, so consider incorporating architectural features such as skylights and large windows, and lighting options like pendants and floor lamps.

LED lighting is the most popular and energy-conscious choice to use in our homes. It's not only a great option for its dimming capabilities, but also for the hue-changing technologies and animation options available. This wonderful flexibility allows us to adapt an environment to suit our personal comfort. When creating a Zen space, the proper lighting can help us feel at ease and help our bodies and minds relax.

Spa-Like Bathroom Spaces

There is no better way to find your Zen than with a day at the spa. We all love the experience, so why not curate a luxurious spa-like bathroom space in your own home?

In Japanese culture, bathing is seen as both a healing and renewal process that encourages quiet moments of self-care. You can’t go wrong with a deep soaker tub, or a bathtub with massaging features. Consider finding a piece that is unique to make a statement in the bathroom.

Villa Massilia

For the shower, we recommend a rain shower head, and if your budget allows, adding a steam shower is a luxurious and healing addition to your space. Keep the colour scheme neutral, and the space clutter-free. Apply finishes that are smooth to touch and easy to clean!

Relaxing and Form-Fitting Furniture

Comfort is key to finding your Zen, so selecting the right furniture to relax in is important. Keep ergonomics in mind when choosing a piece so that it will aid in your physical wellbeing, as well as add style to your space.

Furniture that's lower to the ground can help to keep your room feeling open and spacious. It's a great way to create a relaxed and calm vibe. Add some floor cushions or a low day bed to help craft a peaceful space, perfect for napping or meditating.

Design by White Dahlia Design

If you find that lower furniture isn’t practical, we suggest a comfortable lounge armchair with adjustable back features, and an ottoman to put your feet on. To take it to the next level, add a soft and cozy throw blanket and a lumbar pillow.

Cluttered Space, Cluttered Mind

Our last tip, but one of the most important for creating a Zen space, is to keep clutter hidden away. Quality over quantity is always a good rule of thumb and having good storage systems in place can help with easy cleanup and organization.

The Zen style doesn't mean purging most of the things from your home in search of a minimal lifestyle but rather being deliberate and selective when choosing the décor in your space. Display items that are special and meaningful to you and your family, items that have an emotional meaning and happy memories. Take the time to connect and find items that speak to you, as these are the objects that create happiness, and boost your overall feelings of contentment and Zen.

Yana Prydalna Design Anthology

Pro Tip: If you have large collections of books, mugs, or souvenirs from your travels, pick only your favourites to display, or switch items out once in a while for added interest.

We hope you now have a clearer view of what makes a space Zen! Once you're ready, book a complimentary intro design call with us to discuss how we can help make your home a more Zen and relaxing space!

White Dahlia Design Team



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