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The Power of Interior Design: Making Your Short-Term Rental Stand Out!

Downtown Loft Renovation by White Dahlia Design

Hello, Airbnb aficionados and vacation rental enthusiasts!

Today, we want to talk about something that might seem like a small detail, but trust us, it can make a massive difference in your short-term rental game: defining an interior design style for your rental space!

Picture this: You're scrolling through countless listings, trying to find that perfect vacation spot that fits your style and vibe. You come across a variety of decent-looking places, but nothing really catches your eye. Suddenly, you see a rental that exudes charm and personality, like it was tailor-made just for you. You click on it, and it’s beautiful! It's got a clearly defined interior design style.

So, first of all, why is this important?

We will dive deep into why having a well-thought-out design style for your short-term rental can be a game-changer:

Airbnb in Argentina by White Dahlia Design

The Wow Factor: A defined interior design style can instantly grab your potential guests' attention. When you showcase a space that's been thoughtfully designed, guests imagine themselves chilling on that cozy couch or having coffee in that charming breakfast nook. It's the wow factor that sets your rental apart from the bland and generic listings out there.

The Cozy Home Away From Home: Travelers are looking for a homey experience while on vacation. By having a specific design style, you create a unique ambiance that feels comforting and welcoming. Whether it's a rustic cabin with warm wooden accents or a sleek modern apartment with minimalist touches, guests will appreciate the thoughtful decor that resonates with them.

Consistency is Key: Imagine building a brand around your short-term rental business. Having a defined interior design style becomes your signature touch! When guests recognize your distinct style across multiple properties, they'll know they can trust you to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience, which can lead to more bookings and happy returning guests.

A Niche for Everyone: Here's the beauty of a defined design style: you can cater to various target audiences. Whether you're into vintage vibes, modern chic, or tropical paradise themes, you can attract guests who resonate with your style.

Efficiency and Savings: Think about it practically. Once you've established a design style, decorating and furnishing your rentals become easy. You know exactly what pieces to get, where to find them, and how to fit them together cohesively.

Now let's get into the design styles that will have tenants knocking on the door. Remember that different interior design styles appeal to different demographics and lifestyles. For example, a modern, minimalist design may attract young professionals or tech-savvy people, while a cozy, rustic design may be more appealing to families or nature enthusiasts. By choosing a specific style that aligns with your target market's preferences, you can attract tenants who resonate with that aesthetic and lifestyle.

3 most requested interior design styles for STRs

Sleek minimal and contemporary

Airbnb in Florida by White Dahlia Design

Modern minimalism is a crowd-pleaser, attracting tenants who love clean lines, open spaces, and a clutter-free environment. Think of sleek furniture, neutral color palettes, and plenty of natural light. It's perfect for those who seek a calming retreat escaping from the hustle and chaos of life.

Fun eclectic vibes

This is where free spirits unite! This style is all about embracing bold patterns, eclectic decor, and a relaxed, carefree vibe. This style attracts tenants who love to surround themselves with unique and artsy elements, creating an ambiance that's full of life and personality.

Airbnb in Milwaukee by White Dahlia Design

Boutique hotel escape

This type of style will attract clients due to its unique and memorable experience, attention to detail, extravagant furniture, luxury and comfort, and personalized services. Travelers seeking something beyond the ordinary will aim for this type of short-term rental.

Airbnb in Waterloo by White Dahlia Design

The takeaway

Having a well-defined interior design style for your short-term rental can truly be a game-changer. Each style has its unique appeal and target audience. Whether you're going for a serene escape, an urban oasis, or a quirky adventure, creating a well-designed space will keep tenants happy during their stay and coming back for more! So, let your creativity flow, experiment with style, and give your rental that special touch that guests will remember forever. If you need some extra help, you can reach out for your complementary call here.

If you want to read more about interior design pro tips for your next rental property, we have some ideas on Elevating Your Airbnb To Become A Super Host or Designing an Airbnb Plus Property. To browse some more and explore some of our recent STR designs, visit us here!

Happy designing!

The White Dahlia Team



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