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Spring/Summer Essentials for Your Home!


Summer will be here soon, which means it's time to redecorate and plan your home for the months ahead. Naturalistic designs and intriguing textures, combined with bright, bold, beautiful colours create a home that truly captures the essence of summer! If you enjoy warm days on a tropical beach, incorporate that feeling into your interior design aesthetic; if you don't enjoy the hot, sweltering days, keep cool indoors by incorporating the spirit of summer! In this week's blog, we will show you spring and summer design essentials, and help you create a home that is as inviting as the outdoors!

Plants and Flowers Are Your Best Friend

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Let The Light In


When you think of summer, you automatically think of the sun. Light is vital in a space, so open those windows! Start by replacing your heavy or dark curtains with a light and airy drape to brighten the atmosphere, or simply remove the curtains altogether. Also, consider removing your old lighting sources, and replacing them with an entirely new set to change up the feel of the space. Lighting can have a significant effect on a room, so it’s very important to create a warm and welcoming environment. This can be achieved by adding items like lanterns, candles, bulb strips, and the easiest and most natural option – the sun!

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Soften The Look With Linens and Fabrics

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Now that spring and summer are on the horizon, it’s time to change up your linens and fabrics! As temperatures rise, your sleep patterns may begin to change, and your heavy comforter can start to feel uncomfortable. It’s important to know how to dress your bed for the warm weather. New linens can help you sleep better and make the time you spend at home more enjoyable. Focus on selecting a breathable fabric that will keep you cool when the heat and humidity hit! Colour is also a great way to refresh your bedroom. In the summer, cool colours are a wonderful way to help you feel relaxed and remind you of the ocean. Don’t forget to add in a throw pillow for a touch of colour and texture! Here are a few of our favourite linen and fabric products:

Eyelash Belgium Linen Dis White Curtain Panels Flax Linen Linework

Hand-Made Like Artisanal Materials

Artisanal elements are very popular in interior design for the spring and summer. They are adaptable and can be incorporated into any room in your home. You can hang artisanal baskets on your wall as artwork or fill in empty spots on a bookshelf. These items add a touch of warmth to any space, especially if you have an all-white colour palette. Also, consider incorporating wicker or rattan baskets as they are a great way to add texture and colour into your space. An excellent, versatile material to use is rattan, which can be added as furniture or décor. The look of it also reminds you of warm breezes and sunshine, an ideal feel for the season!

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Fun Patterns

Spring is the time to clear out the old items in your home and to refresh your décor by adding new ones. Patterns are a great addition to any space in any season, but for the spring and summer, you should have a pattern that excites you! Integrate patterns into your design by including blankets, bedding, pillows, or area rugs. If you’re looking for a bolder look, you can feature tropical, animal, or botanical patterns in these décor pieces.

Soft Corded Throw Weft Jute Pouf Mariposa Pillow Cover

Lounging Furniture

When the warm weather hits, there is nothing better than enjoying an outdoor patio, but your furniture and décor may not be enough to bring warmth and comfort to the area. The key is how to accessorize and fill gaps in the space. Create a comfortable atmosphere by adding lighting with lanterns, colourful and floral throw pillows, an outdoor rug, and table décor to soften the design and introduce a soothing colour palette. Stores like CB2 and Urban Barn offer beautiful outdoor furniture and décor pieces at a wide variety of prices. See below for some of our favourite and most requested pieces. If you would like to learn more about outdoor furniture and design, click here.


It can be quite overwhelming to change your furniture and décor, but it can also be a fun and gratifying experience! Be creative and make it enjoyable! If you aren't sure how to get started incorporating spring and summer interior design trends into your home, simply book a free consult call with us!

Wishing you all a happy spring and summer season!

White Dahlia Design Team


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