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How to Masterfully Hide the Back of a Sofa

You asked, we answered! On #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we challenged our followers to dig deep and blow up our feed with their burning interior design questions. One particular question stuck out to us and we wanted to delve a little deeper with our answer. Stefi_d1 asked:

As simple as the solution might seem, there are several variables for making a credenza look ‘just right’ behind a sofa. There is no cookie-cutter answer. Here are our top 6 styling tips for incorporating a credenza or console table into your living room design.

Tip 1: Select The Right Size

Every living room is different so there is no one-size fits all solution. There is however, a general rule of thumb for selecting the right pieces for your needs. Measure out your sofa and jot down the dimensions. Select a credenza, console table, or sideboard that isn’t too long or too small for the sofa. We would say the sweet spot would be somewhere around ¾ of the couch length.

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Same goes for height. You don’t want to go too tall and lose your line of sight. The credenza is meant to be an elegant addition to your design, not an obtrusive one. You also don’t want to go too short or it will simply look silly and off. We recommend keeping the height somewhere between the top of the sofa backboard or a couple inches higher or lower.

Tip 2: Select The Right Style

This may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s not the case. You want the piece to work well with the rest of the room so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If your living room is primarily in the farmhouse style, choose a console table that is also in that style. It will create cohesion and unify the room as a whole. If you like the mid-century modern look, the live-edge style is one of our absolute favourites!

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Tip 3: Think About Positioning

Where is the back of your sofa facing? Is it towards a wall, a large window, or is it perhaps facing an open-concept kitchen? If you want your credenza to be the show-stopping focal point in your design, you may have to rearrange some furniture to get the desired effect.

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For a more muted and functional feel, you can always push your console table against a wall behind your couch. This idea works particularly well if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. If you are entertaining, a console table can also be used as a breakfast bar or multifunctional display counter.

Tip 4: Keep Things Low

This tip works particularly well for the large window or open-concept designs mentioned above. Keeping your accessories low will allow your open-concept design to flow nicely. If the back of your sofa faces a window, you don’t want to block your view. Aim to accessorize without blocking your line of sight.

Tip 5: Frame The Credenza With or Without Lamps

While you do not necessarily have to frame using lamps, they work well if you lack lighting in your living room or prefer symmetry. Do you have high ceilings? Play off of them by adding some stunning large table lamps to showcase the grandness of the room. Of course, this tip only works if you have the electrical in place.

You can also create balance without lamps by choosing objects of various sizes that work within the design aesthetic. Place the large items on opposite sides of the console or credenza in order to attain this sense of balance.

Tip 6: Accessorize Methodically

It is not enough to randomly put objects on the table and call it a day. Colour, height, composition, and personalization all matter when it comes to mastering your credenza design. Look around your room and tie in the colours you see. If you have a large plant visible across the room, you could add some greenery in a vase on top of your credenza instead of a lamp. On the other side, you could place some large-and-in-charge candles to balance out the large vase. Remember to select accessories that compliment the style of the rest of the room.

In the middle of the credenza we recommend incorporating objects that are smaller and more linear in nature. Hardcover books work particularly well. In our opinion, personalization is key. If you love to travel, don’t be afraid to showcase your travel finds in a fun and fresh way — on your console or credenza!

Love our tips but not feeling up to shopping around for the perfect table or accessories? We’ve got you handled! Call or email us and we can design the living room of your dreams without all the hassle. Special thank you to @Stefi_d1 for the fantastic question! We hope these tips set you on the right track for designing/decorating your perfect behind-the-couch credenza look!



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