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3 Ways to DIY Flowers

Infusing your home with flowers can do wonders for uplifting a grey day and give you a renewed sense of energy for tackling the day. Below, we have compiled 3 simple yet beautiful decor ideas to brighten your home!

The Dainty Wreath

Source: Industry Standard Design Magazine

We love that wreathes are so versatile, depending on what look you are trying to achieve! You can hang them on your door or on a gallery wall or display them on a mantle as a show-stopping accent piece. We adore the wreath above because it is simple and elegant, shying away from the traditional wooden base.

To recreate the look you will need:

* 1 large gold metal hoop

* assorted artificial spring flowers

* copper wiring

Simply set up your flowers how you desire your wreath to look and weave the copper wiring between the leaves, securing all items in place!

Floral Arrangements

Source: bloom_and_co

There is a reason why floral arrangements never go out of style! Flowers are timeless in their beauty. Not only that, they are psychologically proven to improve mental states! So get a pretty vase or even an antique tea cup and get to arranging! We highly recommend adding some peonies —they are some of our favourites!

A few pro tips on floral arrangements..

  • Make sure to measure by putting the stem pressed up against the vase before you cut. This way you cut the stem just above the base of the vase so the flower will sit properly upright.

  • To get flower petals to open up on flowers that are not yet fully open, blow on the petals while twirling the stem. This will allow the petals to open up a bit more and ready to look magnificent.

  • Tie an elastic band around the stems once the arrangement is complete so the flowers stay together properly and sit upright.

  • Make sure if you are keeping flowers in the fridge prior to creating the arrangement, do not have the fridge too cold, flowers can easily freeze!

  • Add in Greenery like Salal or Seeded Eucalyptus ( some of our favourites), to really make your arranegment pop!

Fancy Floral Frames

Who says flowers need to be alive to bring life to a room? The above frames show two unique ways you can liven up a space —whether you prefer artificial or real flowers!

For the first you will need:

* an array of artificial flowers

* a glue gun

* a piece of cardboard

* a pretty frame of your choice

Simply arrange the flowers between the frame onto the cardboard, and glue the flowers in place! Pro tip: arrange first, glue later. This way you can move flowers if they don't look as you imagined.

The second, requires a little more time and patience to complete but is a great option, none-the-less. Select your favourite flowers, free from any brown spots or moisture, and place them face down in a weighty book between two pieces of parchment paper. Allow to sit for roughly 7-10 days. Once your flowers are nicely dried and pressed, they are ready to be framed! Framing them in an elegant shadow box is a great way to accentuate their delicate beauty.

Love these ideas? We have many more inspirations up our sleeves! If you would like help decorating or furnishing your home for any season, contact us at


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