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3D Design Of Your Space


This option is the stress-free way to furnish your home. We save your valuable weekends from endless furniture shopping. In just 5 days you will have a 3D design of your room that allows you to see the end result before purchasing any furniture. All communication is done online and everything is ordered to your door for a seamless experience when creating your dream home. 


  • Your room professionally designed

  • 3D model of your design so you can see the end result now

  • Customized digital shopping list for your approval

  • Personal client portal with unlimited access to chat with your designer

  • Order tracking & consolidated shipping 

  • 30 Day post delivery design support

  • Return & exchange support

Stress Free Package

  • For rooms larger than 200 square feet, there is a square footage fee of 2.35/sqft. A seperate invoice will be provided to you if this is the case for your project.

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